Israeli arrogance!

Posted: June 13, 2006 in World News

Israel blames Hamas mine for beach blast


Eight beach goers just happened to all be around the mine? Why would the Palestinians plant mines on the beach? Fearing an Israeli beach landing? They're already in and around Gaza, suffocating its people. An Israeli inquiry concluded that the blast was caused by an explosive buried in the sand, not from Israeli shelling on the afternoon of the Palestinian family's beach picnic.

It was not clear how the explosive got there, or whether it might have been an unexploded Israeli shell from an earlier military barrage. Peretz did not address that issue in his remarks. Israel has been claiming that Hamas militants planted a device to set off against Israeli commandos.

Human Rights Watch military expert Marc Garlasco, the first independent analyst to inspect the scene, said he examined the shrapnel on the beach, saw the civilians' injuries and concluded the blast was caused by an Israeli shell. He held open the slim possibility that it was planted there by Palestinian militants, although fragment patterns did not back that.

Showing aerial photographs and film, the head of the Israeli inquiry, Maj. Gen. Meir Klifi, declared: "There is no chance that a shell hit this area. Absolutely no chance."

Israel has been pounding northern Gaza with hundreds of artillery shells for weeks, trying unsuccessfully to stop Palestinian militants from setting up and launching homemade rockets at Israel.

You be the judge!

  1. qrswave says:

    Another day, another lie.

    Keep up the great work!

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