Posted: July 3, 2006 in War crimes




Not just tanks, but bulldozers to destroy Palestinian homes.

All equipment and WMD shown here are courtesy of the American
tax payer: over $4 billion annual aid to Israel

In their continued arrogant style, the Nazi-like Israelis continue to choke the Palestinian civilian population. All in an effort to force the Palestinians out of what’s left of Palestine.

Even after so many years of fighting, Mr. Areny said, Israel had again misunderstood the Palestinian mind.

He and others here believe the military campaign is aimed less at fighters than at making Palestinians’ lives so miserable that they turn against their government

And the problems compound: some 160,000 Gazans, half of them widows, the disabled and blind, are dependent on the United Nations World Food Program for food, which comes in rations of chick peas, flour, oil and salt.

But Kirstie Campbell, a spokeswoman for the World Food Program, said the concern was that people would not be able to cook without adequate water and fuel.

“You can’t eat flour,” she said. “You can’t eat dry chick peas.”

And the victims? Just plain old civilians. They happened to be Palestinian

“I don’t like the government, but in these circumstances I will support it,” said Mr. Areny, a member of Fatah, Hamas’s rival. “I cannot stand with the Israelis against our people.”

palestinianvictims.jpg angrypalestinians.jpg

Arrogance of one leads the other to retaliate.. and violence continues!

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