A very very very fine house!

Posted: July 12, 2006 in Amusing

But really it is no longer!

..he would have done anything to keep that house

Although the the culmination of his life’s work, proof that he had realized the classic immigrant’s dream, Dr. Bartha, a Romanian immigrant, burned and barely conscious, was pulled from the ruins on July 10, 2006 morning after the house was nearly leveled by a gas explosion. Even before the fires were extinguished, police began focusing on Dr. Bartha as the most likely person to have caused the blast.

Why would one commit such a drastic act?


Realizing the “American dream” is one thing, but letting go is another.

In August 2005, the Dr.’s wife – ex wife – received a judgment of $3.6 million, plus a property credit and lawyer’s fees, making the total of all money judgments in the matrimonial action against Dr. Bartha more than $4 million!
Dr. Bartha, 66, was embroiled in a marital split that by all accounts was no ordinary divorce. But he would have done anything to keep that house, including stay married, his lawyer said. Swallowed by his own despondency, he had begun a series of suicide attempts and finally… almost succeeded (at the time of posting this).


This gives a new meaning to the phrase “You can’t take it with you!”

It seems that when there’s a will, there’s… an unfortunate way!

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