an eye for an eye

Posted: July 17, 2006 in War crimes

Civilians not allowed to escape

“When the Zionists behave like there are no rules, and no limits to the confrontation, it is our right to behave in the same way,”

HAIFA, Israel, July 16 — A large rocket apparently fired by Hezbollah forces in southern Lebanon smashed through the roof of a maintenance facility at an Israeli government rail yard here Sunday, killing eight people and injuring dozens more, officials reported.

More arrogance:

Miri Eisin, an Israeli government spokesperson, said after the Haifa attack, “Hezbollah declared war on Israel several days ago. . . . War is a very hard situation. We are determined that at the end of this war we will be at a different situation at our northern border.”

Children are Israel's favorite targets

The Israelis start the war and kill civilians in Lebanon, destroy the infrastructure yet consider the Hizbollah attack as a declaration of war? How much more vulgar can Israel or Israelis be?

Israeli Die Too

The United States and other nations began working toward evacuating citizens as the warfare continued. Beirut’s airport is closed but two helicopters carrying U.S. security teams landed at the U.S. Embassy in the city to begin planning operations for removing Americans.

The message the US is delivering is loud and clear. “We are supporting the Israeli aggression.”

This is our democracy and justice at play…

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