Who’s the terrorist?

Posted: July 21, 2006 in War crimes

While Israel continues to defy the world and humanatarian cries, Hizbollah is accused of being a terrorist group. Is it?

When Arabs defend themselves or their countries, we dare accuse them of being terrorists?

Were the early Americans terrorists when they fought the British and for their independence?


And when the Israelis act like Nazis and attack civilians and the civilian infrastructure, who is the terrorist?

Here’s another view of what Israel has done to civilian life in Lebanon.

Clearly Israel continues to terrorize the Middle East! Even their children are taught hatred and are encouraged to write and send Hate messages on shells as you see below (Children of Hate).

The Nazis terrorized Europe during their rise to power in the 1940’s. In the end, they were defeated and humiliated. They maybe quenching their thirst for blood today. Eventually they too will be defeated and humiliated!

And now the Israelis are massing their thugs to invade Lebanon. This will be a one way ticket to Hell for the Israeli terrorists.


Smile, you’re not coming back!

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