13 days later…

Posted: July 24, 2006 in War crimes

..and the Israelis are no where near reaching their objective: finishing-off Hizbollah freedom fighters.

Israelis brin back their injured

Meanwhile, out of frustration, the Israelis continue to target civilians. And once again, Israel proved itself to be more ruthless than the Nazis. And thanks to such tactics, an abundant supply of resistance and freedom fighters have been created. Again.

An Israeli air strike in southern Lebanon hits a bus filled with women and children trying to flee the region, raising questions about whether Israel is doing enough to avoid civilian casualties.

bus-victims.jpg bus-victims3.jpg bus-victims-4.jpg


And the U.S. Secretary of State, “she-male” Rice, arrives in Lebanon and uttered such words of wisdom as:

“Thank you for your courage and steadfastness.”

I would have thrown her out! But the idiot of a Prime Minister Saniora greets her “with a kiss on bothcheeks.”

Imagine kissing a She-Male! Urgh!


Was she kidding? A Secretary of State spreading terror and rushing shipments of more arms and ammunition to Israel so that they can kill and massacre more Lebanese children? Thank you America for your stand for liberty and justice… the American way!

And more than 13 days later, Hizbollah continues its resistance! The “strongest military” in the Middle East is unable to make a dent in Hizbollah’s counter punch!

Hizbollah fire a Missile in retaliation to Israeli aggression

And so it shall be.

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