The southern Lebanese town of Qana is known for two events in history, and there could soon be a third as news comes in of rising civilian casualties from an Israeli air strike there. BBC

In realms of biblical narrative, some believe it to be the scene of Jesus Christ’s first miracle, turning water into wine during the wedding at Cana of Galilee.

In modern times, it was the scene of one of the bloodiest events of the modern Arab-Israeli conflict, the Israeli shelling of a UN base sheltering Lebanese civilians 10 years ago.
Israel’s 2nd Massacre… in the same place, a few years later but with the same exact excuse. And we’re supposed to believe these Nazi thugs? The Israelis are purposely targeting women and children to generate anger against Hizbollah. Or so they had hoped. Instead, support for Hizbollah has increased worldwide.

Around the Arab world, popular support for the Lebanese people and Hezbollah continued to expand as newspapers and television stations showed graphic images of civilian casualties.

Qatar-based Sheik Youssef el-Qaradawi, one of the Arab world’s most prominent Sunni religious scholars, issued a religious edict Thursday saying support for the guerrillas was “a religious duty of every Muslim.”

gal02childafpgi.jpg captecb32f9e74c041fa9a982e358b51d8ffaptopix_israel_lebanon_mideast_fighting_nn104.jpg gal07hdggrlap.jpg

children.jpg captcc5ba8307e4048cdb39f127a5918e762lebanon_israel_mideast_fighting_bei105.jpg


Now the whole Arab world is crying:

We’re all Hizbollah! We’re all resistance!

r494477688.jpg capt743e19e1640347bb8c8d4e3417326cb5egypt_mideast_fighting_xhj103.jpg

Meanwhile, Israel’s “un-Holy war” continues. But who are they killing? Women and children as more evident now from the reports from Qana, in which over 60 women and children were killed by U.S. made weapons that Bush “rushed” to Israel to continue its murderous acts and acts of state-sponsored terrorism.

capt23e6bdadff894c6ba50827067fb7a5cfmideast_israel_lebanon_fighting_jrl123.jpg capt1ef8b94a17cc4bf38adb696f75f0ba7emideast_israel_lebanon_fighting_jrl128.jpg


They have just killed and buried any hope for peace in the Middle East. The Arabs are now shouting: “Death to Israel.”

Please send your Thank-You notes to Bush and Olmert, the present day Hitlers. All in the name of their “religions.”



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