The Two Miles of Hell

Posted: August 12, 2006 in News & Views


The Jewish terrorist state thought it would be just another picnic. Over 4 weeks ago (31 days) and Israel is desperate to score anything that it could claim as victory. No such luck. The Jewish terrorist state claimed that it occupied the city of Marjayoun.

The Lebanese Christian town of Marjayoun is largely populated by the Lebanese collaborators of Israel’s occupation from 1978 to 2000. The Israeli Jewish terrorists, within two kilometres of their own border, lost their 15 soldiers on Wednesday. Many others were wounded. The furthest the Israelis could reach in an armoured column yesterday was the edge of Khiam, the site of their own notorious torture prison from 1978 to 2000. It is still only two miles from the border and they are fighting a far more determined and disciplined enemy than in 1982, when their “incursion” took them as far as Beirut.

But the U.S. media proudly states that the Israelis are thrusting “deep” into Lebanon!

And since these subhuman terrorists are unable to make even a small dent in Hezbolla’s resistance army, they target civilians and continue to kill indiscriminately. This current war that Israel started 31 days ago (but has really started over 24 years ago) in Lebanon, claimed nearly 900 lives — including at least 761 (over 300 of those are women and children) in Lebanon and 123 Israelis.

Today, August 12, and about 18 minutes ago (from the time this post was written) the Jewish terrorist state announced that it would not halt its offensive until Monday!Surprised? Don’t be. The Israelis never agreed to or implemented a UN resolution! These blood-thirsty barbarians are driven by what they call “prophecies” that God has supposedly chosen these insects as His chosen people and ignoring the billions of His creation.


Olmert: The Jewish Hitler


Tell me please, is this the God you worship? Isn’t this attitude no different from the Bin Laden philosophy?

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