Who’s lying?

Posted: August 16, 2006 in News & Views


Robert Fisk: In the face of Bush’s lies, it’s left to Assad to tell the truth

Published: 16 August 2006

Full article here.


..President Bashar al-Assad was able to bring the great and the good of Damascus to their feet by the simple token of telling the truth – which no other Arab leader has chosen to do these past five weeks: that the Lebanese Hizbollah guerrilla army has, in effect, won this round of their war with Israel.

..but he [Assad] did at least reflect more reality than his opposite number in Washington who, driven by self-delusion or his love of Israel, claimed that Hizbollah had been defeated in Lebanon.

“This is a [American] administration that adopts the principle of pre-emptive war that is absolutely contradictory to the principle of peace,” he said. “Consequently, we don’t accept peace soon or in the foreseeable future.”

..there is no more sign that Hizbollah intends to “disarm” under the terms of UN Security Council resolutions 1559 and 1701 than Israel is prepared to abide by UN Security Council Resolution 242 and withdraw from Arab territories it occupied in 1967.

The loss of 40 soldiers in just 36 hours and the successful Hizbollah attacks against Israeli armour in Lebanon were a disaster for the Israeli army.

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