White House scared?

Posted: August 17, 2006 in News & Views

The recent announcement by Hizbollah to help the affected citizens with a year’s rent and decent furniture to replace what they lost at the hands of the Jewish army/ Nazis is making the White House and this Administration panic!



“This is a very, very reasonable amount. It is not small,” said Ayman Jaber, 27, holding a wad he had just picked up from Hizbollah of $12,000 in banknotes wrapped in tissue.

Now the Administration is seeking support from the non-democratic nations of the Middle East for help! Funny, dictators are now our friends…

The Bush Administration is hoping to speed up aid from the Arab countries to counter Hizbollah’s aid, thinking that this would minimize the support Hizbollah is enjoying among the citizens (or Arab nations for that matter) in the south of Lebanon.


Tell me… please!

Didn’t Bush announce just a few days ago that Israel won the war and defeated Hizbollah?

Time for another Michael Moore movie.


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