First the Verdict and now the Grade!

Posted: August 24, 2006 in News & Views


“Many of the violations examined in this report are war crimes that give rise to individual criminal responsibility,”

Amnesty International, the London-based human rights group, said in a report on the Israeli campaign.

“They include directly attacking civilian objects and carrying out indiscriminate or disproportionate attacks.”

“During more than four weeks of ground and aerial bombardment by the Israeli armed forces, the country’s infrastructure suffered destruction on a catastrophic scale,” the report said, contending this was “an integral part of the military strategy.”

The Israelis naturally rejected the report. Arrogantly, and as usual, they blame the destruction on the fact that Hizbollah “placed” itself among the residents of Beirut or throughout Lebanon.

If you believe this, then consider this:

The Amnesty International report said the widespread destruction of apartments, houses, electricity and water services, roads, bridges, factories and ports, in addition to several statements by Israeli officials, suggested a policy of punishing the Lebanese government and the civilian population in an effort to get them to turn against Hezbollah.

The Israelis proved once again that they are sub-human. They sought to kill and humiliate civilians, hoping that the latter would demand Hizbollah leave or be disarmed. This actually backfired and produced unparalleled support for Hizbollah throughout Lebanon and the Arab world.

The Times’ Megan Stack stated:

“The thing about Hezbollah that I think is often misunderstood is that it’s not just an army, it’s a massive political party and it’s a massive social welfare network. So when you think about Hezbollah, you kind of think of them on different planes…. “

Read the Amnesty report here.

Israel’s air force had carried out more than 7,000 air attacks, while the navy had fired 2,500 shells. The human toll, according to Lebanese government statistics, was estimated at 1,183 deaths, mostly civilians, about a third of them children; 4,054 wounded; and 970,000 people displaced, out of a population of a little under four million.

Amnesty International report.





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