Now you know…

Posted: August 26, 2006 in News & Views

..why they really hate us!

No Place for Cluster Bombs

Today’s Editorial in the NY Times miserably addressed the issue of using Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Because some of the bomblets fail to explode on impact, the casualties continue to mount long after the fighting stops. These harmless-looking objects, often no larger than flashlight batteries, explode when inadvertently jostled or picked up. Children mistake them for toys, with tragic results.

Tragic results indeed… this is the extent of the sorrow this opinion expressed. Something to appease the masses yet convince them again that “we” should blindly support this terrorist state, called Israel.

But in the past, Washington limited their use to military emergencies, like the kind of attack on Israeli territory by multiple Arab armies that last occurred in 1973. In the unlikely event of that happening again, Washington should provide whatever cluster munitions Israel needs to augment its own supplies.


If Arabs attacked Israel, the US and Israel believe in a response that should be devastating to Arabs whether women, children or to make it easier, civilians, period! But when Israel attacks Arab civilians (as it had since its existence), the US looks the other way and expresses “Concern” over the use of these weapons.

Now you know why they really hate us!


“Made in the USA” signs posted in Beirut.

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