Something smells…

Posted: August 28, 2006 in Politically Incorrect News & Views

The price of their freedom was converting to Islam… at gunpoint!

Two journalists for Fox News — Steve Centanni, 60, an American correspondent, and Olaf Wiig, 36, a freelance cameraman from New Zealand — were held for 13 days in an abandoned garage in the Gaza Strip as hostages of a previously unknown group calling itself the Holy Jihad Brigades.


This is the first thing that smells…

But the identities of the group were a puzzle, and there were no immediate arrests. Nor was there any immediate indication of a ransom payment. The kidnappers demanded that the United States release all Muslim prisoners, but they threatened no particular consequences.

NY Times

Mr. Wiig said he hoped the kidnapping would not prevent foreign journalists from covering Gaza. “That would be a great tragedy for the people of Palestine and especially for the people of Gaza,” he said.

And this is the second thing that smells!

Does this not sound like an Israeli-staged kidnapping to deter journalists from covering the Israeli massacres and brutality committed in Gaza and reporting the news to the world?

Israel was humiliated in its attempt to crush Hizbollah by being exposed of its savagery and Nazi-like campaigns to kill and humiliate Lebanese civilians, by objective and real news that was pouring out of the Middle East. We quickly learned how even Israeli papers announced their own defeat and that this war was inhumane.

The Israeli intelligence (or lack of) misguided it into trying to fabricate such kidnapping so that the world would sympathize with Israel and its “war” on “terrorists.” This time, Attending the World (if not the whole world) is not buying it.

Even if this new group was legitimate, and “green” as the claim is, then they would have killed their victims to send a message. Instead, they stupidly expected these reporters “conversion” to Islam at gunpoint, to last beyond their release. A 10 year old Muslim boy or girl would tell you that conversion under force is unIslamic!

And to add credibility to my theory, consider what Israel did just yesterday, Sunday August 27, 2006:

In Gaza early Sunday, Israeli forces rocketed an armored car belonging to Reuters, wounding five people. The car was clearly marked on the sides and roof and was being used to cover an Israeli raid.

Capt. Noa Meir, an Army spokeswoman, said that the vehicle was in a combat area during a night raid and that the Army had not seen the markings.

Witnesses, whether Israeli, European or otherwise, all stated that the armored car was clearly marked in Arabic, Hebrew and English and with the word TV was clearly marked on the vehicle.

Amazing that the Israeli excuse is always the same:

We did not see it…

It wasn’t there…

It was carrying terrorists or supplies to terrorists..

Reuters is a news agency?


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