Smile and act innocent

Posted: September 4, 2006 in News & Views

Step one: Commit a terror act in the US and frame Syria and Iran for it.

Step 2: Smile and act innocent.

Israel plans for war with Iran and Syria

The Sunday Times

The challenge from Iran and Syria is now top of the Israeli defence agenda, higher than the Palestinian one,” said an Israeli defence source.


Incredible arrogance! This simply means that what we hear and see on the “non-US news” is quite accurate: that Israel is out to “erase” the Palestinian identity from the Holy Land.

Tell me this is not similar to what Hitler wanted to do during WWII: erase the Jewish identity from Europe!

Nazism reborn? You bet! Israeli style though… twice as brutal and savage than the Nazis.

Then we have the Neocons in the US!

Fixed targets are hopelessly vulnerable to precision bombing, and with stealth bombers even a robust air defence system doesn’t make much difference,” said Richard Perle, a leading neoconservative.

The option of an eventual attack remains on the table after President George Bush warned on Friday that Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

While the American State Department favours engaging with President Bashar Assad of Syria in the hope of detaching him from the Iranian alliance, hawks believe Israel missed a golden opportunity to strike at Syria during the Hezbollah conflict.

If they had acted against Syria during this last kerfuffle, the war might have ended more quickly and better,” Perle added. “Syrian military installations are sitting ducks and the Syrian air force could have been destroyed on the ground in a couple of days.

My oh my! We’re so blood thirsty… we just want to destroy the world and anyone who does not fall for.. I mean “follow” our ideologies!

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