Love thy .. who?

Posted: September 12, 2006 in News & Views

In a country that supposedly exists on tolerance, there’s anything but!


Recent attacks on Islam and Muslims in America, seem to be the way of life suddenly. As most of us mourn the tragic events of 911, some – religious people mind you – seem to use the occasion to spread hate.

How’s that different from what Bin Laden and his group of losers preach?

Then we cry “They hate us… they are not like us…”

And we’re the ones spreading the venom.

“We will not vary from that,” McCay said. “If Muslims want us to water it down, that might be all right for you, but we’re not biting.”

Janet Onnie, chairwoman of the Venice Interfaith Community Association, said McCay’s sign did more harm than good in the effort to bring people together.

Celebrating the commonalities between Islam and Christianity is a better way to bring people together, she said.

“You have to ask yourself what Mr. McCay thinks this will accomplish,” Onnie said. “It seems childish and doesn’t contribute to a dialogue.”

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