Holy Sh**?!!

Posted: September 17, 2006 in News & Views

Nothing holy about his holiness’ remarks last week…

I’m referring to Pope Benedict XVI speech he gave at a German university last week in which he offended Muslims.

His few references to Islam seemed to portray it as a historically violent faith reliant on forced conversions and jihad, which he translated as holy war. Christianity’s own bloodstained past was not mentioned. LA Times


Pushing these buttons of protest will not help the future of religious dialogue, neither for Muslims nor for us, said Alberto Melloni, a church historian. “The pope does not live on an island but in Rome, and it’s hard to see that this controversy will simply be disregarded.”

Perhaps more important, the Regensburg speech reflected Benedict’s conviction that Christianity is a superior religion and that Islam must be treated more cautiously. His predecessor, John Paul II, frequently embraced Christians, Muslims and Jews as “the children of Abraham” and promoted interfaith dialogue.

The question raised by the emperor (in the Pope’s speech) about what Muhammad brought to the world could have been easily answered by any informed person. He brought a rational dimension to faith when Quran stated that the religion is addressing those who can reason and think, he brought the strong invitation to education, reading, recording and researching in the first 5 verses revealed ever, which led to the great scientific revolution pioneered by Muslims. He brought the principals of the one human family, the equality of genders, the acknowledgement of other religions, the celebration of diversity, the social contract between the people and their rulers as their servants,  and much more.

The question is: Is this Pope informed at all? How can he claim being holy when such remarks that he may subscribe to are used?

But then again, we have Bush… they have the Pope!

Benedict’s associates, Politi said,

“understood that more than 40 years of evolving good relations between the Catholic Church and the Islamic world were at stake.”

And the attack on Muslims continue. Do we still have any doubt why they hate us?


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