Thou Shalt Not Be Infallible

Posted: September 21, 2006 in News & Views


Commentators have described Pope Benedict’s recent expressions of regret as close to a rare papal apology. But how, they ask, can a man believed by Catholics to be “infallible” make a mistake?

According to the Roman Catholic Church, the Bishop of Rome IS infallible – but only in specific cases. The current furore over remarks made by the pontiff about Islam does not fall into this category.

Excuse me?

Only in specific cases? What a joke! So now we define holiness and religion according to our acts… very strange indeed.

Papal infallibility was hotly debated for centuries within the Church after the notion that the Pope was the preserver of apostolic – derived from the apostles – truth, was set out in the early 6th Century.

But according to Catholic historian Peter Stanford the word infallible wasn’t used because it was believed only God could be infallible.

Now there’s someone with common sense! The Pope is nothing more than an earthly human: created the same way we were, eats food like we do (mind you, maybe a lot better) and takes a dump like most of us do! So how holy is that?


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