Trail of Death

Posted: November 7, 2006 in War crimes

The front walls of many houses and shops had been punched through, so that living rooms and kitchens were exposed to the street. Rubble was strewn across the streets, sewage flowed thick and gardens had been ripped up by tanks.

Courtesy: Israeli state-terrorism.

Hours after the Israeli military pulled out of the town of Beit Hanoun this morning, Talal Nasr was at the cemetery to search for a spot to bury the body of his 13-year-old daughter.


The cemetery at Beit Hanoun is small and overcrowded, and it took Mr Nasr three hours to find a space for his daughter Wala’a, the victim of an Israeli sniper’s bullet to the forehead.

Quite clearly, the Israeli thugs are frustrated. The invasion of Beit Hanoun and the killing of innocent civilians is an excuse: an excuse to save “Israeli-face” after the humiliation these Israeli terrorists suffred at the hands of Hizbollah.

A dozen of the 56 Palestinian dead were still being buried in rough, hurriedly assembled open coffins.

“Damn the Jews,” shouted some among thousands of mourners. “A nation of sacrifice and blood will never kneel,” a Hamas activist blared through a loudspeaker. (more)

And within minutes of the Israeli retreat from Beit Hanoun, more Palestinian rockets fell on the Israeli towns. An eye for an eye, eh?

So what was the offensive for again? And what was the claim by the Israelis? To rid the town of “militants?” Well, apparently this little barbaric operation failed too! Otherwise, how could these “militants” fire their rockets at Israel, immediately after the pull-out?

“You know, the more pressure they put on the militants, the more the people stand with them.”

And surely you’ve heard of this:

Israeli troops fire on women in mosque siege

Read more here.

“There were about 30 women in our group, all in the main street. We were moving into the town and passing by the Israeli tanks. We carried two white flags. They didn’t ask us to stop and then suddenly we saw them shooting at us,” she said. “I was hit but there were no ambulances. We were calling for them but there was nothing.”



Meanwhile, Britain’s foreign secretary, Margaret Beckett, said she was concerned by the increased violence and civilian deaths. “Israel has a right to defend itself but any action should be proportionate and in accordance with international humanitarian law,” she said.

And what about Palestinians living under occupation? Do they have the right to defend themselves?

We’d like to hear Madam secretary Beckett or President Bush, or for that matter, anyone, make such a remark.



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