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Posted: November 11, 2006 in War crimes

U.S. Vetoes another U.N. Resolution in favor of Israeli terrorism!


The 33rd US Veto in favor of Israel.
In other words, Israel continues to get a (U.S.) green light to terrorize Palestinians!

It seems that the United States, under the cowboy regime of President Bush, is spreading the incredible message of “hypocrisy” (or was it democracy?) throughout the Middle East! Murder is murder, regardless of who commits it. A massacre is a massacre regardless of who the victim maybe. Especially when it involves children. And Israel continues to defy the world with its arrogance, massacres and crimes against humanity. And our Administration supports this small country of thugs.


History of Israeli terrorism:

Israel carved its state out of Palestine through a deliberate policy of mass terror against the Palestinians. It was the method by which they drove 800,000 of them from their homes, businesses and farms.

  • 1937-1948: Israeli terrorism started 11 years before the declaration of the State of Israel and while Palestine was under the British mandate. 57 massacres were committed by such Israeli Zionist terrorist groups (Etzel, Hagana, LEHI, Irgun, Balmach and Stern, among many others) killing over 5,000 Palestinians.
  • June 3rd, 1937: Haifa. 18 Palestinians were killed by the placement of explosives in the heart of the city (the market area). One month later, these Zionist terrorist groups upgraded their techniques to using explosives in cars! Also in Haifa and two car-bombs killed 21 Palestinians.
  • In their effort to wrest control of Palestine from British control, the Zionists waged a campaign of relentless terror, including the bombing of the King David Hotel, which killed 93 people. They ruthlessly murdered British officials and soldiers. The Zionists assassinated anyone in their way, including the world-respected U.N. mediator, Count Folke Bernadotte, who dared to tell the world of the Zionist terror and murder campaign.
  • A favorite tactic of the Irgun and Stern terrorist gangs was to kidnap British soldiers and slowly torture them to death. Israel was also the first nation to employ the modern terrorist technique of the letter bomb; and over the years sent out hundreds of them, killing dozens of their enemies and many bystanders all over the world.
  • Deir Yassin: In his book The Revolt, former Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, boasts about his role in the massacre of the 254 Palestinians at Deir Yassin. (Most of the victims were elderly men, women and children who remained in the Israeli-occupied village) Women were raped then killed. Pregnant women were cut open and saw their “dead” unborn child before their eyes prior to dying themselves. In his book, Begin points out that Deir Yassin and other massacres caused panic among the residents, causing them to flee in terror from their homes.
  • Beit Drass, Ramleh and Haifa – 1948. 260 killed in Beit Drass and the whole village of Abu Zraiq (a suburb of Haifa) was killed in one night! Similar terrorism took place in Ramleh and Safad. This intentional mass terror enabled the Zionists to take control of Palestine. It should be noted that the refugees are still not permitted to return home after more than half a century!
  • One day before declaring Israel as a State (May 14, 1948), the Israeli army then surrounded the village of Abu Shusha and killed 60 Palestinians.
  • In less than a year from the declaration of the State of Israel, (7 months to be exact), over 2,000 Palestinians were massacred at the hands of the Israeli army then.
  • Most famous of those massacres was commanded by Moshe Dayan (who later became the Defense Minster) in which 251 Palestinians were killed. This massacre was known as the Lud Massacr. When the survivors escaped and took refuge at a local mosque, the Israeli terrorists followed them inside the mosque and killed 176 men, women and children, raising the number of dead to 427.

Do we, the American people, care for innocent lost lives? Yes we do. And we hereby declare and apologize to the world that we have an Administration, under a failed and biased leadership, and we hereby reject this Veto and stand with the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom, Independence and justice.

Palestinians have human rights too!

But Bolton does not think so! And the world sees such decisions (Veto) as “American injustice!” Maybe the Democrats will be more humane than the Republicans and appoint someone who does not hold an Israeli citizenship!


Israeli terrorism in Lebanon:

  • 1948: A blood bath at a local mosque. The villagers of Salha were ordered inside a mosque and executed by the Israelis. Every single villager was killed.
  • October 31, 1948: The city of Hula. Under the leadership of Menachem Begin (Hagana), the city was attacked at dawn. Men wer executed. Women and children were left in their homes which were then destroyed while the villagers were inside. 90 people killed.
  • In 1967, the same city (above) was attacked again and 5 women were killed.
  • Massacre of Haneen – Nov 26, 1967: The village of Haneen was surrounded for 3 months, after-which the city was occupied and its people raped and killed. Israelis stole whatever was left, leveled the village but kept one room (without a roof) standing. It still stands today as a witness to this Israeli crime.
  • The Massacre of Yarin-1974: 17 homes destroyed at the hands of the Israelis, killing 9 people.
  • Massacre of Eitroon, May 17, 1975: 9 children killed by the Israelis. In 1989, Israel did it again and executed 3 brothers and threw their corpses on the main road.
  • Massacre of Bint Jbeil – 1976: Israelis bomb the local market in which 23 civilians were killed.
  • Massacre of Ozaai – 1978: Israeli planes destroy commercial buildings in this suburb of Beirut killing 23 civilians.
  • And many more… but we’ll mention the famous Sabra and Shatilla massacre in 1982. 800 Palestinians were killed and Ariel Sharon was found guilty of this crime.
  • Qana Massacre – 1996 (and later in 2006). Israel uses 155 mm shells (deemed illegal by International law) killing 105 people, among them 23 children.

And you still think Israel wants Peace?


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