Sorry we hired him!

Posted: November 17, 2006 in News & Views

Everyone makes mistakes. But rarely does a whole nation make a mistake! Our mistake was electing George W. Bush to be President of the U.S.

But thanks to democracy, we’re about to change this… and correct our mistake.

Here’s the latest (I know it won’t surprise you):

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George Bush doesn’t read the Guardian. Often

Here at the Guardian we have long suspected it. But today comes official confirmation: George Bush doesn’t read the Guardian often. During a press conference with the Australian PM, John Howard, in Hanoi today, Mr Bush was asked about the report in yesterday’s Guardian that he was planning a final push in Iraq involving an additional 30,000 troops.

“Is that something…,” began a reporter.

“Where was that report?” asked Mr Bush.

“In the Guardian newspaper,” the journalist replied.

“Guardian newspaper? Well, I don’t read that paper often. But I – look, I’m going to listen to our commanders, Steve. Ours is a condition-based strategy […] So I’m not aware of the Guardian article.”

Of course, the president may well have been thinking of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, a publication which also takes a sceptical editorial line on his policies. Who knows? But in the unlikely event you’re reading this, Mr President, Guardian Weekly has a four-week free trial on. Just say the word.


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