The games they play

Posted: December 2, 2006 in News & Views, Politically Incorrect News & Views


It’s a murder mystery…

A retired Russian spy poisoned by a radioactive substance, a secret dossier, a slain investigative journalist and a shadowy fugitive billionaire…

The story is that of the agonizing death of Alexander Litvinenko a former Russian intelligence officer.

And the news talks about this “Ex-spy’s poisoning like a thriller..

Litvinenko told a reporter in June that a new Russian law would permit authorities to target its opponents abroad. He feared he was among them.


Mr. Litvinenko was a former operative in the K.G.B. who became a colonel in its successor organization, known by its Russian initials as the F.S.B. In the late 1990s, Mr. Litvinenko said publicly that he had been ordered to assassinate Boris Berezovsky, an exiled Russian tycoon, but had refused to do so. He fled to Britain and secured British citizenship earlier this year. In 2003, he wrote a book accusing the Russian secret service of orchestrating apartment house bombings in Russia in 1999 that led to the second Chechen war.


Such crimes! Such devious plans to kill opposition or label groups with terrorism… The truth comes out. Always!

Yet.. when people like Hariri or Gemayel (Lebanon) are assasinated, the world erupts with calls to democracy, restraint, war on terrorism, and what else?

In this case, however, England and the U.S. are extremely cautious… they are afraid of the BEAR!


The games superpowers play!

So where’s the call to justice here?

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