Texan Pig!

Posted: December 8, 2006 in Amusing, News & Views, Politically Incorrect News & Views, U.S.


Intolerant redneck pig herder should really join the KKK.

In the 21st Century, one would not expect such people to exist! This pig-loving-Texan must have failed in life to become a Cow herder and had to settle for pigs. He’s trying to build some fame for himself, and he’s actually getting it.

KATY, Texas – A plan to build a mosque in this Houston suburb has triggered a neighborhood dispute, with community members warning the place will become a terrorist hotbed and one man threatening to hold pig races on Fridays just to offend the Muslims.

First… where the heck is Katy TX?


Katy, population 13,000, is a mix of middle-class bedroom-community neighborhoods and small farms on Houston’s western edge and boasts of being the hometown of Oscar-winning actress Renee Zellweger. It is 70 percent white and 24 percent Hispanic.

One resident has set up an anti-Islamic Web site with an odometer-like counter that keeps track of terrorist attacks since Sept. 11. A committee has formed to buy another property and offer to trade it for the Muslims’ land. And next-door neighbor Craig Baker has threatened to race pigs on the edge of the property on the Muslim holy day. Muslims, like Jews, do not eat pork.

The dispute began when the group asked Baker to remove his cattle from their newly bought land. Baker agreed but mistakenly thought the Muslims also wanted him off the land his family has lived on for more than 100 years. The rumor spread.

Baker’s attempt to offend missed its mark. Muslims do not hate pigs, he said; they just don’t eat them.

And what does the rest of America say about all of this?

Read the following samples

No one would complain if it were a christian church. I think the people in Katy need to shut up and mind their own business. It’s reactions like those of the Katy populace that spread terrorism anyway. thebigpurplefrog


Damn Straight! This country was founded on religious intolerance and we’re damn proud of it! Those Texans are right, every Muslim is a terrorist! Which, of course, would mean that every Texan is an inbred redneck kneejerk reactionary idiot. First George Bush made me ashamed to be from Texas, then ashamed to be an american, now I’m just ashamed to be a part of the human race. khansi2830


Sorry guys, I side with the neighbors on this one. Muslims know that they’re less than popular, especially after 9/11. IMO, they were just looking for trouble when they bought the property. Now, they can play the part of the ‘persecuted religion’.. Tes2fy


This is a free country. FREEDOM OF RELIGION APPLIES TO ALL RELIGIONS!!!!! These people in Katy Texas are why the rest of the world calls us “Stupid Americans”. What an embarrassment to the forefathers of this country these people are. LadyPoh


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