Dear Mr. President

Posted: January 11, 2007 in Middle East, News & Views, Politically Incorrect News & Views, Politics, U.S., World News

You don’t seem to get it…

General John Abizaid, the head of Central Command that oversees American strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan, all but rejected the idea of a “surge” of forces two months ago. He told a Senate hearing that raising troop levels by 20,000 would have only a “temporary effect” on security and would delay the day Iraqi forces could take control. Mr Bush has always said he would defer to his military commanders, but this time he did not take their advice. Instead, he dismissed General Abizaid and reshuffled key figures in his Iraq team.

The Economist

And you still insist on sending more troops to Iraq?

MOST Americans have lost hope and want to leave Iraq. Not so George Bush. He is convinced that “victory” is not just possible but essential, and that the Middle East can still be refashioned by democracy.

You’ve lost the War in Iraq. We never wanted to be there in the first place. But you and your cowboys had a different agenda: not a U.S.A. agenda, but a Bush-Cheney agenda.


Are you surprised that no one is on your side? You never had a plan! You simply thought that our high-tech weapons will ensure victory, which you once announced, but nothing of the sort happened, did it?

And more of our troops are killed. If the survive, then they commit atrocities unfit of a great nation! Another Vietnam? Maybe.

Then you insult our intelligence by advising dictatorships in the region that an American defeat will ensure that these regimes be toppled or threatened! What? Are we there for democracy or to create more Saddams? Jeez Louise Mr. President. A 7th grader will have a better comprehension of such policies than yourself.

[He] confirmed the deployment of an extra carrier strike group and Patriot anti-missile batteries to the Middle East—a clear signal that he is not only willing to raise the stakes in Iraq, but is also giving himself the option of a military strike to halt Iran’s suspected quest for nuclear weapons.

Obviously, Mr. President, the intent here is that you want to save face before you’re thrown out of Office. Your “victory” will come in a strike against Iran and then you will smile and address the world that the Iranian Nuclear threat is gone! Just like the WMD we claimed existed in Iraq were “gone!”

And these patriots are heading to Israel of course. So you’ve “announced” a war on Iran and we expect to believe that you’re defending freedom? How does one claim such a thing when the freedom of others is suppressed or at stake? Israel possesses nuclear weapons but we don’t see Patriots or defensive weapons installed or directed towards these so-called allies!

The president’s “benchmarks” for the Iraqi government—sharing oil revenues fairly, spending $10 billion on reconstruction, holding provincial elections, revising the federal constitution and the “de-Baathification” process—are desirable. But they have mostly been heard before, and Mr Maliki’s government has failed to achieve them. In any case, big political issues may matter little to gunmen who are often fighting to control the local market, petrol station or street.


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