Expansionists and terrorists – Yes, Israel!

Posted: February 8, 2007 in anti-Semitism, Middle East, News & Views, Palestinians, Politics, War crimes, World News

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel said on Thursday it hoped to avoid further fighting along the Lebanon border following a clash with the Lebanese army but cautioned that it would not tolerate hostile activity against Israeli forces.

Israeli and Lebanese soldiers exchanged fire on Wednesday after Lebanese troops shot in the air as an Israeli patrol crossed a security fence near the border to search for explosives planted by Hezbollah guerrillas. No one was hurt.

The Lebanese army said the Israelis had crossed 15 meters (50 feet) into Lebanese territory.

“What’s important to us is that our policy is clear to everyone. We do not intend to ignore any act of aggression or provocation. Planting explosive devices inside Israeli territory is provocation,” Sneh told Israel Radio.




Now let’s read between the lines:

  • Israel’s “war” against Hizbullah was a failure; a fact the whole world knows.
  • If Hizbullah planted explosives near the border then the Israelis have been caught with their pants around their ankles! Again. This says a lot about the Israeli “abilities” and Hizbullah’s military skills.
  • The Lebanese army fired in the air when they should have fired at the Israelis. That’s what the Israelis would have done if the tables were turned.
  • Israel has no respect for a sovereign nation’s borders and claimed it was operating in its own territory! Huh?
  • Israel keeps vioalting every International law and UN resolution. The world simply looks… afraid of calling these thugs with their real name because America might get angry… and they maybe called “anti-Semitic” for accusing Israel’s terrorist actions of doing something wrong!

The recent events where Israelis are also destroying a historic wall near the Muslims’ holy sites – under the guise of exploration, further proves this nation’s intentions. They want it all.. from the Nile and to the Euphrates. They will destroy homes, mosques, civilian infrastructure and even uproot thousand-year old olive trees from Palestinian lands.

Expansionists and terrorists are the only words that come to mind when we think “Israel.”

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  3. Sean Wilson says:

    Firstly, the only people that think Israel lost its war with Hezbollah are those who have no understanding of war. Hezbollah took greater casualties than Israel did, Hezbollah is under pressure from the international community to disarm, Hezbollah was exposed—video of them using the Lebanese people as human shields caught them acting like the terrorists they are.

    Hezbollah planting explosives near the Israeli border says nothing at all of their military capabilities. It merely says they can sneak around in the dark like cowards pretty well and that patrolling every inch of a border isn’t easy work.

    Hell, I could pack a picnic basket, dress like a tourist, infiltrate and plant explosives in any country in the Middle East. It isn’t hard; I wasn’t impressed by security in the region when I was there.

    Further, if the Lebanese army is doing its job, how is it that Hezbollah guerillas are at the border and planint explosives? You know what? If Lebanon does nothing to disarm Hezbollah and allows them to stockpile more weapons and explosives along the border that they can use to carry out more terrorist operations, Israel is prudent to cross into Lebanon and take care of the matter themselves.

    If you see a large truck coming to hit you and you’re standing in the road, do you wait to jump out of the way until after it hits you? Of course not. Allowing a terrorist organization to stockpile and rebuild because the Lebanese government is too cowardly to confront them is no reason to wait for Hezbollah to strike across into Israeli territory.

    If Lebanon truly is a sovereign nation and its people think they deserve to exist, they ought to start acting like it.

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