Is ignorance really bliss?

Posted: February 9, 2007 in Amusing, anti-Semitism, Middle East, War crimes, World News

Some read and some read what they want to read…

Blind? NO! Ignorant? Yes! Major ignorance. Ignorance based on hatred… anti-Semitism…  Yes, you can be anti-Semitic  when you hate Arabs! They’re Semite too. But Zionist lovers want us to believe otherwise!

Israel itself stated that it lost the War against Hizbullah (August 2006)! Yet, some Israeli terrorism lovers refuse what the Israeli military itself had stated!  You lost the War! You couldn’t even get two Israeli thugs (those kidnapped) out of the hands of Hizbulla… ! Israel later admitted that the war wasn’t even to free the two scum bag terrorists! Entertain yourself!
You still refuse to believe?

Then you don’t read!  Click this.

And now shut the %$#& up and get back under the rock from which you came!

  1. Shaikh says:

    You need a little calvin and hobbes, or some asterix. You need to smile.

    Don’t expect the propagandists to listen to what you say. They have their goals set. Pretexts and lies has to be made up. So telling the truth does not help. We got to do our homework.

    What homework?

    Education, charity and science.

    “For education even unto China” – said Muhammad (S)

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