Excuse me, but I don’t owe you an apology!

Posted: March 2, 2007 in Middle East, News & Views, Politically Incorrect News & Views, Politics, U.S., World News



The leader of the Taliban’s military operations has criticised Pakistan and Arab nations for helping the US and its allies.

Speaking in interview with Al Jazeera aired on Friday March 2, 2007, Mullah Dadullah said that the Taliban’s acitivities had suffered more from Pakistan’s operations than from American and coalition activities.

“The Pakistani government has a strange policy that no-one can understand,” Dudallah said.


“We have not suffered as much from America, Britain or any Islamic or Arab country as from the oppression and aggression we suffered from Pakistan.”


“The targets which were firstly bombed were by the help of Pakistani intelligence and the first batches of invading forces entered from Pakistan.”


He also said that Iran’s Shia had not given any assistance to the Taliban, a Sunni movement: “Iran has never adopted any Jihadi agenda while the leaders of Arab countries are just followers of America and Britain.”

But that’s not the story!

This man, as he was being interviewed and, in my opinion providing valuable information to the Allied forces, made a couple of statements that makes one think!

When asked about Arab or Muslim support ( fighting alongside the Taliban), his answer was an eye opener: at least for me! He did NOT respond the way the English version of Aljazeera reported! He stated that…

The Americans and other nations have formed an alliance against the [Muslim] Taliban. So Muslims from around the world were keen to fight the Christians crusaders and their Jewish allies. This is what he stated.

In other words, when Bush and his cowboys raise hell and threaten countries like Syria and other countries, for “allowing” fighters to join the Taliban, wouldn’t you think that the Taliban can (and did) present the same logic back to the Bush Administration (its creator) and raise hell about Americans, French and British forces, all uniting to fight the Taliban?

“Sorry, but I don’t owe you an apology..” is what this man is really telling the world.

“Taliban is not like that in the past, as we are now in control of most areas in Afghanistan. We will defeat the Americans and their allies. In return for each 20 soldiers we have killed, we lost one fighter.”

Someone pinch/ remind me please: didn’t we claim Victory against the Taliban? Or Was that Iraq? Or does it really matter? All our might, Jets, bombers, cruise missiles and tactical warfare and anything else one can add to this “pot” and so many years later… and the Taliban controls most areas in Afghanistan?

What was this war about again?

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