Sold to Americans.. and 4 years in Guantanamo!

Posted: March 7, 2007 in Middle East, News & Views, Politically Incorrect News & Views, Politics, U.S., War crimes, World News


In an interview with one Kuwaiti national today, who was wrongly accused, imprisoned and tortured in Guantanamo Bay had this to say – summary of the interview:On why he was arrested: The US [army] offered money ($5,000 to $10,000) to anyone who “delivered” an Arab to US forces. Leaflets were dropped and distributed in Afghanistan and near the Pakistan border with the message: “Hunt an Arab, become rich forever.” (translated).

On what was his crime: Never charged.

On treatment: The American forces were very creative in torturing prisoners.

“I was placed in a metal box wearing shorts only and the box was refrigirated to probably below zero (Celsius) for 5 weeks. I had to try and move my arms or legs in this “coffin” to try and warm myself..”

Later he was placed in the same box but in the heat of the sun…

On food: a piece of bread the size of one’s palm that was hard as a rock and a half rotten orange or tangerine.

On his condition aftewards: I weighed 75 kilos when arrested. I left weighing 57 kilos. (165 pounds to 120).

“During that time, Arabs were being picked up from the streets and sold to Americans. There was bounty money for anyone handing over Arabs to the US authorities ranging from US$5000 to $10,000,” he said. He added he stayed in Pakistan for 20 days where he was interrogated by the Pakistani intelligence. After that he was handed over to American interrogators for another 20 days. He was then taken to a detention facility in Kandahar, Afghanistan for 3 days, after which he was transferred to Bagram in Afghanistan for a month and a half, before being returned to Kandahar and eventually sent to Guantanamo. Project Kuwaiti Freedom


On Monday Nov 20, 2006, John Bellinger, the US State Department’s chief legal adviser while speaking to journalists in Kuwait through a DVC from Washington, denied that there had been human rights abuses in Guantanamo.

“The individuals who have been held in Guantanamo have been questioned certainly, but they have not been abused or subjected to any of these very rigorous interrogations, allegations of which you read about in the newspapers,” he said.




And we still wonder why the hate us!


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