The Economist published an interesting story… again, we have the answers as usual and we can solve problems: our way!


This is the most interesting part:

What right had the British, in 1917, to promise the Jews a national home in Palestine? Why did the Palestinians reject partition in 1947? Why did Israel colonise the territories after 1967? Why did the Americans let Israel get away with it? Why did the Arab states leave the refugees to fester in camps? The Palestinians are terrorists, Zionism is racism, Israel’s enemies are anti-Semites. Yasser Arafat should have accepted Israel’s “generous offer” at Camp David in 2000. But, hang on, Israel’s offer was not so generous…

And so the quarrel spins, growing more bitter with each revolution and spreading far beyond the Middle East. What started as a national struggle between two peoples for one land is gradually, and often wilfully, being transformed into a war of religion, feeding poison into the wounded relations between Islam and the West as a whole. It is scandalous that the occupation has persisted since 1967. This conflict should have been resolved long ago, and its continuation is an indictment of all involved, from the warring parties for their intransigence, to regional powers that have exploited the Palestinian cause for self interest, to the great powers for their lack of sustained attention. It should end—but how?

…As Mr Clinton’s failure at Camp David demonstrated, securing agreement for such a deal will be hard. The Clinton solution would require Israel to give up the bulk of its settlements in the West Bank, uproot a great many more settlers than it did in Gaza and share sovereignty over Jerusalem. The Palestinians would have to accept that most refugees would “return” not to their homes of 60 years ago inside Israel but to a new state in the West Bank and Gaza. Such compromises will hurt. But for either side to give less and demand more will merely tip the difficult into the impossible.

What self-defeating madness. For peace to come, Israel must give up the West Bank and share Jerusalem; the Palestinians must give up the dream of return and make Israel feel secure as a Jewish state. All the rest is detail.


And so it goes on… “We” the super powers see it as simple! Palestinians MUST give up something in return for peace… Jews and Zionists show up at your house, occupy half of it, and later occupy a bit more and later negotiate with you that you may have 2 rooms back and everyone should be happy IF you forget the rest of your house and stop claiming any rights to it! Oh and should you refuse, then you are a terrorist and an anti-Semite!

On the other hand, the Jews, who escaped Hitler’s tyranny, had a dream of establishing a state in someone else’s land and they were helped in achieving the dream.

In other words, only Jews may dream. Palestinians must wake up and smell the Hummus, whether there or not!


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