I want to be a leader too!

Posted: July 11, 2007 in Middle East, News & Views, Palestinians, Politically Incorrect News & Views, Politics, U.S., World News

In Middle East politics, the corrupt rule. And to ensure that the corrupt maintain their seats of power, one thing must remain constant: US and European support at any cost… even if the oppression of citizens is called “democracy.”

Aside from Israeli terror and tyranny against the Palestinians, the Palestinian “President” has now begun singing and dancing to the drums of “War on Terror.” Lyrics courtesy of the US and the music, written by Britain and other European governments. Using Bush’s tactics and words, the Palestinians are now “reminded” that they are either “with or against Abbas..”


And who did the Palestinians elect to govern them? One thing for certain: it was not Abbas. The Palestinians elected Hamas. They were fed up with the corrupt leadership under those who wanted to fill their pockets!

Senior lawyers who wrote the interim Palestinian constitution have said Mahmoud Abbas, the president, exceeded his powers when he appointed the new emergency cabinet. You may recall such an appointment after the Fatah faction, under Abbas, was humiliated and defeated by Hamas when the latter took over Gaza.

Abbas replaced the unity government, led by Hamas’s Ismail Haniya, after the rival faction pushed security forces loyal to the president out of the Gaza Strip.

Anis al-Qasem and Eugene Cotran, who began drafting the Basic Law more than a decade ago, said it gave Abbas the power to dismiss Haniya but did not allow him to appoint a new government without parliamentary approval.

Abbas’s office had no immediate comment on the lawyers’ remark but a spokesman for his Fatah party said at the weekend that the president’s word was law as long as Hamas had paralyzed parliament.

“The refusal by the US, EU et al to deal with Hamas reflects their disrespect for the wishes of the Palestinian people” Elise, Bemidji, US

Meanwhile, Bush and Olmert found a new “ally” they could manipulate…

To get away with murder, at least for now, Abbas is on record now blaming the recent events in Gaza on Al Qaeda! What?

You heard it right! Now Abbas is Olmert’s “friend.” Abbas is now the headline in Israeli newspapers.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Monday the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas is protecting al Qaeda and allowing it to gain a foothold in Gaza.

 “Through Hamas, al Qaeda is entering the Gaza Strip,” Abbas told Italian state television channel RAI in an interview in the West Bank city of Ramallah ahead of a meeting on Tuesday with visiting Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi. (Reuters)

And that’s good enough for the US and our allies. We will use that to support Abbas, corrupt his government even more and let him reign-in his people (the Palestinians) at the expense of democracy… hey, but that IS democracy! The very same we exported to Afghanistan and Iraq. Look at the results and see how well they’re doing before you criticize US policies…

And for now, Abbas will have his seat… for as long as he appeases us…



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