Surfing for Peace

Posted: August 22, 2007 in Amusing, Israel, Middle East, Money, News & Views, Palestinians, Reflections, Religion, World News

Interesting idea. Incredible gesture.

Jewish-Hawaiian surfing guru donates surfboards to Gazans

This article appeared in Haaretz, of an 86-year-old Jewish surfing guru from Hawaii who donated 12 surfboards to Gaza’s small surfing community in a gesture he hoped would get Israelis and Palestinians catching the same peace wave.

“When a surfer sees another surfer with a board, he can’t help but say something that brings them together.”

He said he was spurred into action after reading a story about two Gaza surfers who couldn’t enjoy the wild waves off the coast because they had only one board to share between them.


Arthur Rashkovan, a 28-year-old surfer from Tel Aviv, said Paskowitz’s project was part of a larger effort called Surfing for Peace, aimed at bringing Middle East surfers closer together. He said eight-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater, who is of Syrian descent, is expected to arrive in Israel in October to take part in the drive.

One comment: why did Haaretz refer to Paskowitz as “Jewish-Hawaiian?” Is there such a thing as Jewish-New Yorkan?

  1. squeedle says:

    Perhaps Paskowitz was also of native Hawai’ian descent.

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