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Or is the FBI more like Big Brother? Maybe soon, you will see this on the cover of Newsweek!


The FBI seems to be employing money-hungry informants (aka scum) who sell their souls for any amount of money to “sell” information, whether right or otherwise. As I stated before under “The New Inquisition” or in other posts, we seem to be obsessed with Muslims, Islam or Islamists – pick your word.

We’re so obsessed that we are now re-employing such tactics as Abscam. Remember?

Dubbed Abscam, for Arab Scam, the 23-month investigation had cost some $800,000 and involved about 100 agents in an elaborate series of hoaxes and disguises. One of these dressed up in a burnoose and posed as a sheik named Kambir Abdul Rahman, whose millions were said to be “burning holes” in a Chase Manhattan account. Other agents in pinstripe suits served as the sheik’s American emissaries, translating his gutteral commands and seeking ways to invest his money in New Jersey gambling casinos, East Coast port facilities and an American titanium mine. Along the way, the phony sheik and his aides sought to protect his investments by buying political influence in Congress, in New Jersey’s Casino Control Commission, the New Jersey legislature and the Philadelphia city council. When the FBI sting ended, its supervisors alleged that the honey pot of Arab money had attracted one U.S. Senator, seven members of the House and two dozen state and local officials or their corrupt cronies—all stung by facing possible charges of accepting bribes or being caught in an illegal conflict of interest.

$800,000 back then was a lot of money!

My question, before I dive into the reason I am posting this is as follows: If one wants to serve his country and is really genuine about it, then why does one seek or accept the FBI’s money/offer unless s/he’s corrupt?

Story 1 of many…


This person above, whose name we’re told is Eldawoody, is one of the scums called informants. He’s scum because he collected $100,000 to help convict someone. Please! For $100,000, many will say whatever is needed to convict unsuspecting immigrants.

This person is phony for reasons I will not address here but the FBI knows the truth and they don’t five a ^%$#.

For 13 months, Eldawoody, was a paid informer for the New York Police Department. His work in 2003 and 2004 helped convict Shahawar Matin Siraj, a Pakistani immigrant, of conspiracy to bomb Manhattan’s 34th Street subway station. Siraj, 24, was sentenced in January to 30 years in prison. The case is under appeal. How could it be if this person Siraj, was truly a convict?

“It’s been hurting me. Everybody believes that I am a cheater,” he says.

Really! Well, maybe you are Mr. Eldawoody. Or whatever your real name is. Read the story here.

After the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the New York Police Department quietly formed the Terrorist Interdiction Unit with the goal of tracking threats by placing informant “listening posts” in Muslim communities citywide, according to police testimony from the Siraj trial.

So the Islamic community was guilt by association. Our values of “you’re innocent until proven guilty” no longer applied.

Even the Justice Department acknowledges that problems arise. A 2005 department study of confidential informers in the FBI found violations of the agency’s guidelines for handlers keeping track of them in 87 percent of the files examined.

Eldawoody — who has small, pale eyes, badly yellowed teeth and a tendency to gesture wildly and wander conversationally — participated energetically in the new program. While an informer, he attended 575 prayer services in New York mosques, sometimes four or five a day.

His police department handler wrote more than 350 reports based on their often twice-a-day calls. Eldawoody wrote down license plate numbers in a mosque parking lot and reported on the tone of religious services and internal debates. The department paid him about $25,000 for work over the 13 months, and $75,000, including relocation costs, over 20 more months leading up to the trial. Now the department covers his rent, plus he collects $3,200 a month, he says, and a police spokesman says the direct payments will likely continue indefinitely.

This is one of heck of a living! Apartment expenses (including food and drink) are covered and $3,200 (tax free i presume) are collected monthly for.. becoming a couch potato. Nice.

But now, Eldawoody hasn’t been to any mosques since he moved, he says, and prays only a few times a month. A sign of lying hypocrite. Even if we are to assume that he was genuine, then why did he stop praying? Note that in the quote above, it is stated that he attended 575 prayer services! One does not quit praying if one is honest, serving his country and/or was really only interested in putting criminals behind bars.

After 9/11, first the FBI, then local police came knocking on Eldawoody’s door in Staten Island because someone had reported suspicions of him. The second time, Eldawoody accused the police of discrimination — then he volunteered to help them. He signed up as an NYPD confidential informer in July 2003.

Eldawoody was dispatched to several mosques before he was asked to infiltrate the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge, a storefront mosque in the city’s largest Arab community. He became known for praying so fervently he would weep. Once, he objected to the presence of two non-Muslims in the mosque in order to seem fanatical about religion, he told his handler, Detective Stephen Andrews.

For months he turned up little. Then he met 21-year-old Siraj.

Recently arrived from Pakistan, Siraj was spending his days working at his uncle’s Islamic bookstore in Bay Ridge and his nights playing video games at his family’s apartment in Jackson Heights, Queens.

If you haven’t read the whole story in the Washington Post, then this excerpt is enough to cast doubt on Eldawoody’s motives to convict someone.. anyone:

Eldawoody concocted a fictitious group, the Brotherhood, in Upstate New York, that he promised would supply explosives. But the Brothers needed Siraj’s knowledge of the subway to place the bombs. In the last recording, a video, inside Eldawoody’s Toyota on Aug. 23, 2004, Siraj said he didn’t want to place the bomb himself, and said he would have to ask his mother for permission.

A piece of work, aren’t you Mr. Eldawoody?

But the best part is that he has his dreams. He wonders if he might sell the film rights to his story. And someday he wants to start his own organization, take off on a national speaking tour of mosques and train other Muslims to become informers, like him.

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