A trailer-esque montage spectacle of Hollywood’s relentless vilification and dehumanization of Arabs and Muslims.
Inspired by the book “Reel Bad Arabs” by Dr. Jack Shaheen

Official selection of the Sundance Film Festival 2005

Out of 1000 films that have Arab & Muslim characters (from the year 1896 to 2000)
12 were positive depictions, 52 were even handed and the rest of the 90O and so were negative.

09/04/06 Video Runtime 9 Minutes

And we still consider ourselves the civilized, the heroes, the right – well, maybe extreme right! How does the world see us? They see Nazism starting all over again…


  1. abu ameerah says:

    Personally, I think Palestinians would be afraid of Ozzy Osbourne. After all, aint he guy ate who took a bite out a bat once!

    As far as Sharon Osbourne is concerned…she could scare away any hostile arab militia by not wearing makeup and showing her plastic surgery scars.

  2. herv says:

    I do not quite understand who is “us” and who is “them”. I do not either believe that a whole nation can be treated as a single entity. Every person has the right to think as one wishes, not to vanish in the the selfless “us”. But even if we could treat the relation between nations as relation between individuals, I do not find justifiable to talk evil of someone, based on the principle that “we simply don’t like them”. In that way if we feel offended or even only uncomfortable with the ways the media treats a certain subject or deals with a certain group of people we should let them know our own disapproval of that. Besides most movie watchers gets all their information from the movies themselves. So due its greater impact to the world, the US movie and media industry should act more responsibly, and with a larger amount of fairplay.

  3. jonolan says:


    We don’t like “Them” and they don’t like “Us”; it’s right and fair for our media to depict those we don’t like in a negative manner. This holds true for the US and for any other nation or idealogical group.

    You are right in that the US media has far greater impact, but that is a function of size and economics.

  4. herv says:

    Jonolan´s comments are simplistic and unfair. One cannot compare the impact and importance of American cultural production to the rest of the world, with the anyone else´s. All the world watch American films and media. If there are any doubts get the figures with Hollywood´s moviemakers. And else American companies are present in all the world, and are respected as symbol of progress and prosperity. All in all, it is not true that Americans are depicted badly in the Arab world. If you are still in doubt, go to any Arab country and see the countless “Lakers”, “Bulls”, and other shirts their youngsters wear.
    Summing it up one can conclude that it is neither right nor proper for the mainstream media to depict the Arabs badly.

  5. jonolan says:

    The “Arabic” world is rather consistently antithetical the Western cultures and ideaologies. It is not surprising that Arabs & Muslims have been consistently shown in a negative light in Western films and television. They are “bad” in many ways by Wetern standards and they are shown that way. The West has it’s beliefs on politics and the place of religion – as well a the specifics of religion 😦 – and it’s foolish of anyone to expect western media to not follow those beliefs.

    “Arab” and islamocentric media depicts Westerners in similarly bad light with similar consistently. Neither side of the issue spends any effort in trying to show positive examples of the other culture set.

    I believe this is right and proper. There is no requirement for the West to like the “Arab” world. There is no requirement that the islamic cultures – the “Arab” world – to like the West.

    NO, we can’t all just get along. We’re not built that way.

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