If Israel can ignore the IAEA, why should anyone else listen?

Posted: September 17, 2007 in Israel, Jerusalem, Middle East, News & Views, Palestinians, Politically Incorrect News & Views, Politics, U.S., War crimes, World News, Zionists


Media reports on Monday suggested that this week’s annual conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will include a serious
discussion of Israel’s presumed nuclear capabilities. One can only hope that this takes place, that the long-running grievances of Arab and other countries
are finally given their just due. With accusations relating to weapons of mass destruction having been a large part of the US pretext for invading Iraq and Iran now facing heavy pressure over similar claims, the double standard involving the Jewish state ­ which has steadfastly refused to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) ­ has become too obvious to ignore any longer.

If the presumed violations of some countries are to be “punished” pre-emptively while those of others go unchecked, there is little point in cooperating with the co-opted organization that enforces its own regulations according to Washington’s whim

None of this has deterred the Israelis, though, from speaking out against the alleged ambitions of others. In fact, Israel has been at the forefront of countries demanding that the IAEA get tough with Iran. The Israelis are not at all embarrassed that Tehran is a signatory to the NPT and they are not; nor does it bother them that no one thinks the Islamic Republic has nuclear weapons, while the Jewish state is estimated by experts to possess something in the order of 200-300 warheads, not to mention a variety of air-, land- and sea-based delivery systems.


The unbridled hypocrisy of Israeli policy and rhetoric on this issue constitutes a major test for the IAEA, and indeed for two cornerstones of modern diplomacy: arms control and collective security. If the presumed violations of some countries are to be “punished” pre-emptively while those of others go unchecked, there is little point in cooperating with the co-opted organization that enforces its own regulations according to Washington’s whim. Israeli impunity relies on America for its sustenance, and the nuclear question is a case in point: US law is very clear in banning foreign aid to countries that either do not sign or fail to obey the NPT, but somehow more than $3 billion in illegal funds gets from Washington to Israel every year with nary a word of protest on Capitol Hill.



If America is unwilling to comply with its own laws when these do not suit Israel’s purposes, why should anyone trust it to undertake an accurate accounting of international security arrangements? And if the IAEA is unwilling to assert its independence in the face of pressure from Washington, why should any of its members bother to help maintain the pretense that signed agreements mean anything at all?

From The Daily Star

The head of the UN’s nuclear agency today warned against any increase in “hype” about war with Iran, saying countries should heed the lessons of the build-up to the Iraq conflict. The strongly worded comments by Mohamed ElBaradei, who runs the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), followed a warning by the French foreign minister that the world should brace itself for a possible war with Iran.


The French foreign minister has said the world needs to prepare for the possibility of war against Iran over its nuclear program. Bernard Kouchner said in an interview broadcast on French television and radio: “We have to prepare for the worst, and the worst is war.”

And now we have a complete picture:

The U.S., Israel and the new French government (wanting attention too) now want war. Funny, but why aren’t we threatening Israel in a like manner?

The lies they continue to tell us… from as long ago as WWII, Pearl Harbor, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, 9/11 and now this! Wouldn’t you think that we would have learned by now that our government is no better than Russia in lying to its citizens and covering the truth?

  1. I’m not really interested in your comments or arguments OR your site. I already know who you are and what you stand for.

  2. Atilla89 says:

    Nah, it was just a name that I liked because I had never heard it before. BTW, it has a different spelling from Attila the Hun which is the person I am assuming you are comparing me to. Anyway, I have likewise countered your ridiculous arguments on my site.

  3. Atilla…

    With a name like that, I’m sure you’re a proud uninformed hateful person. This is the equivalent of someone using Hitler as a screen name!

    Anyway, I also responded to your ridiculous response.


  4. Atilla89 says:

    I responded to your ridiculous claims on my site.

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