Balckwater: Murder for Hire!

Posted: October 17, 2007 in Iraq, Israel, Middle East, News & Views, Politically Incorrect News & Views, Politics, Religion, U.S., War crimes, World News, Zionists


You’ve most likely read the previous article Exporting Terrorism.

Now watch these videos in which Jeremy Scahill tells us more about this mercenary group.

More videos here.

A friend also sent me the following regarding ex-employees of Titan; name and location were changed to protect the person’s identity.

I have two friends who were hired by Titan to go to Iraq as translators for the US Army at the very beginning of the US invasion ….a year and a half later they called me from Baghdad airport and told me that they were going on unpaid leave and were leaving immediately on the next US military plane out as they had to get out of there asap and were coming ack to [USA] to resign from Titan and stay in my guest house……they were quiting in the middle of their second annual contract and when I picked them up at the airport they were in a kind of a state of shock that seemed to go on for weeks…and kept telling me “You wouldn’t believe the horrors we’ve seen [Brenda]…the terrible things we Americans re doing to the civilian Iraqis and noone says anything….” When I asked what they were talking about they said that things like the GIs and the outside contractors (Blackwater mentioned a lot! ) running up on the sidewalks and fatally mowing down Iraqi civilians because they didn’t want to stop for traffic happened all the time and was not even considered unusual. Then when Abu Ghraib happened and next the terrible episode that took place in Ramadi I think it was, of the GI raping the young girl and killing her whole family came out they said ” This is all just the tip of the iceberrg, [Brenda]!!” These two signed on to be just translators/interpreters and yet they showed me pictures of themselves being sent in to Falluja with machine guns! No wonder they finally made a frantic dash out of there and refused to return. I stopped being able to hear any of their stories as it made me so boiling mad and feeling sick inside, and they slowly stopped talking about Iraq completely because they were really having a hard time forgetting about all they had seen and couldn’t sleep and couldn’t seem to get on with their lives happily… This war has destroyed not only Iraq and the Iraqi people but in a way everyone who went there too, like these two friends of mine.. they came back deeply shaken with a very haunted look in their eyes…What an unmitigated disaster this is….and to think that these Christian Zionist commandos in Blackwater have free reign to kill in Iraq…how outrageous! I hope the Iraqis prosecute Blackwater nd throw them out of Iraq along with everyone else who has no business being there! And to hell with all damned racist colonialists!


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