NaZionist or Evangelist? Is there a difference?

Posted: January 18, 2008 in anti-Semitism, God, Israel, Middle East, News & Views, Palestinians, Politics, Religion, World News, Zionists

I came a upon a post today, with the title “The Children of Arafat” and naturally, I had to check it out. The post was apparently taken from Hal Lindsey’s site, which had a slightly different title: “The Children Schooled by Arafat.” As usual,  it bashed Palestinians and Muslims, attempted to twist the facts and of course, paint Israel in a “light” most Israelis themselves admit otherwise.

Who is Hal Lindsey?

Harold Lee “Hal” Lindsey (born November 23, 1929) is an American evangelist and Christian writer. A graduate of the Dallas Theological Seminary, a prominent Christian Zionist and dispensationalist author, he expresses this theology in his writings.


The facts have been skilfully twisted to paint a picture other than what the whole world already knows. Read the article and come back to read my response. Or read my response now… you can have your desert before dinner; you’re an adult!

Hal Lindsey and his views can easily be discredited. There is no such Pavlovian-type curriculum or brainwashing children that they should destroy Israel or annihilate the Jews, nor are there summer camps to teach children violence or anything else. But the truth is that Palestinian children witness daily the terror of the Israeli terrorist, be it in a thug (settler) or Israeli armed forces. This terror includes their homes being destroyed, their sisters and mothers raped or killed in full view (assuming the witness survives) and so on. Just today, 46 Palestinian civilians, including children, were injured by the Israeli terrorists and their war planes! And all we hear from these thugs is that they were attacking (another) Hamas headquarters. How many “headquarters” have been destroyed to date?

Amazingly, Hal Lindsy speaks of racism yet he spews the racist venom by making the claims he does in his article. A comment I posted elsewhere recently, stated that a simple search of the word “Jew” in the Quran (or Koran), which Lindsey claims “that the Koran, backs their [Muslims] prejudice against Jews, and their mentors promise lavish rewards from Allah for killing them” produces results farthest from the “truth” Lindsey claims. In other words, his “opinion” is nothing but rhetoric propaganda. There are no such verses. What I did find, were verses that praised Jews who followed the word of God and admonished those who did not: like it did Muslims and Christians.

When Lindsey questions Palestinian tolerance, the question should also be raised about “God’s chosen” being tolerant themselves. Is “never” an approximately close response? Just view the video on Youtube (view here also) about the intolerance of thugs known as settlers and how they plan to steal more houses and lands and expel Palestinians from their homes.

The fact of the matter is this: Israel is the racist country. This is not my claim; this was reported in Haaretz and Israeli activists who exposed this.

  1. finebeer says:

    A very compelling symbol. Do you know of the source so I can credit and use it?

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