ATW Accused of being a Terrorist!

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Amusing, anti-Semitism, Israel, Middle East, Politically Incorrect News & Views, Religion, Zionists

This is really funny, I must say!jacknicholson.jpg

Read the comment (highlighted below) I posted on this anti-Semite’s blog and then judge for yourself. This is what he posted on his blog. Everything in Black is his!


Terrorist sympathisers ARE terrorists, and I just caught one! Read this comment I just received from another wordpress blogger (Attn, wordpress administrators)

To wordpress: check out the comments to be moderated list in my blog. There you’ll see the reference to the blog for the comment reported here. You might want to lock his blog after reporting it.

The following comment is from an uncareful reader (I knew there would be some, but what can you do?). It was meant for the post entitled “2 – Islamic terrorism and the Qur’an (Vatican Inquisition in the Trilogy) pics and questions”. However, since I don’t want to advertise the blogname, but do want to use his comment, I’ll just put it in its own post here:

I am not sure how you can sit in the comfort of your own chair and decide what is right and wrong for others: in this case, the others being the oppressed, terrorized and impoverished. Courtesy of the NaZionist state of Israel.

Three years ago, I attended a breakfast meeting held to honor a slain woman who was killed during the final years of Apartheid in South Africa. This was held at a local church. The killers were present! Now (then) devout Christians and working closely with the family to educate and promote peaceful dissent. More interestingly, the brother, father and mother of the slain woman were present. They had long forgiven the killers… but what the brother said, and I will never forget this for as long as I live, was absolutely shocking and it just opened up everyone’s eyes to the possibility of seeing things from a different perspective. He said that after visiting South Africa to try to understand why his sister was killed, and after a few months of seeing how the Africans lived, treated and existed, that he himself would have killed his sister if he lived among the Africans and was one of them.

It takes courage, understanding and open heart to say this. The Israelis are likewise an Apartheid state. Jews and Israelis have all the rights. Palestinians are treated as if they were Jews under Nazi Germany.

So if you have just finished your lunch or dinner, enjoyed a drink, watched a little TV, then turned on your computer, remember that 80% of Gazans are impoverished. The reason? They live in a concentration camp called Gaza. So it only makes sense that these kids, who can’t go to school or get jobs, to turn rebellious.

The abuse you speak of is imposed by the occupier (Israel) and not the parents.

It seems that you are set in your hateful ways. Don’t you think you’re just like Bin Laden (claiming to be religious) yet has no sympathy for the innocent?


But of course, because I criticized his “manhood” or “religious existence” I am now a terrorist!

Please stop laughing now.

  1. Monte says:

    Looks like a useful blog, much needed! Thanks!

  2. Thank you all for your comments. This derelict who claims to be a man of God now chooses lies to imply I’m threatening him! Amazing. He can’t be more than 15 years old… or if he’s older, he definitely does have, at best, the mental capacity of one.

    His last comment is this:

    This terrorist sympathiser/trainer just doesn’t stop sending me comments, the last one I just now received has an all too thinly veiled threat for me to stop posting, or else…


    Pathetic.. a wolf in sheep (or cheap is appropriate here too) clothing!


  3. Shahrzad says:

    You’re terrorist, bcs you’ve commited suicide by talking your minds and thoughts maybe! 😀

    Freedom, sigh….

  4. Rayon Soleil says:

    Ha ha…thank you for making me laugh today… 😀

  5. detainthis says:

    That’s nuts. Oh well. It could be a prank. Who knows. But it’s definitely funny too.

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