This couldn’t wait till March 19th

Posted: March 5, 2008 in Iraq, Middle East, U.S., War crimes, World News

American Troops going Insane

This video is graphic.blgswrm2.jpg

Sometimes the truth is horrible.

The video contains disturbing scenes of American troops sadistically taunting Iraqi children, randomly throwing grenades at sheep herders and the infamous puppy toss with David Motari.

Juxtaposed against a hollow and hypocritical Presidential address this is mandatory watching for every American citizen.

George Bush is a war criminal and unfortunately so are some of his troops.

This is mandatory viewing

Youtube seems to have removed this Video. Maybe Government officials demanded this out of embarrassment?

Anyway, it’s playing here:

  1. jonnyreverb says:

    God save us from our “leader”.

  2. Nikpi and Vivi… I have posted a new link to the video. Removed probably by order of V.P. Cheney.. exporter of democracy and justice!


  3. vivi says:

    Obviously I was too late … on youtube it says
    “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”
    How ironic!

  4. nikpi says:

    Is there a different link to this? The video is down.

  5. Shahrzad says:

    What americans did in Iraq, will never be forgotten by Iraqis. For centuries the stories will be repeated like the story of Palestine..

  6. Rayon Soleil says:

    I see iblees/iblis or devils or shaytan who wears uniform ! That’s what these iblees do up there heh ? Bush is a barbaric !

    Salam to you ATW.

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