Arabs waking up?

Posted: March 27, 2008 in Israel, Middle East, Palestine, War crimes, World News, Zionists

The thought! (Updated March 29, 2008). Was I wrong?

The Arab Summit in Damascus Syria proved to be a failure, like all past summits.  Only 11 heads of state, including President Bashar al-Assad of the host Syria, are present at the summit. It is the first time for Syria to host an Arab summit. In all, 10 heads of state from the Arab League’s 22 members are not attending the Damascus gathering – Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, Oman, Morocco and Somalia.

Except Lebanon, the rest had confirmed their attendance and participation in the Summit at the highest levels. Suddenly, Condom-Leeza Rice arrives in the Middle East at the same time the Summit was to be held. 

Imagine a Head of State not attending because “Condom-Leeza Rice is arriving on the same day for meetings…”

The truth behind this is that Arabs continue to snore.. they haven’t and wil lnot wake up. When the U.S. hand-delivers letters to the above “allies” (dictatorships) and demands that they do not participate in the Summit, the reasons are obvious. Divide and Conquer.

Jordan MPs Want End to Peace Treaty With Tel Aviv

AMMAN, 28 March 2008 — Ten Jordanian lawmakers have presented a bill to the lower house of Parliament seeking the cancellation of the 1994 peace treaty with Israel, one of the lawmakers said.

“We submitted the draft law to lower house speaker Abdul Hadi Majali on Wednesday,” MP Hamza Mansur, who heads the six-member parliamentary bloc of the Islamic Action Front (IAF) said.

The draft law was signed by six IAF members and four pro-government deputies.


The IAF has frequently called for the treaty to be abrogated but this is the first time it has put a formal request to the 110-member lower house.

The draft gave several reasons for scrapping the treaty, including that Israel “does not honor the agreement and is still a threat to Jordan.” It said the Jewish state “has committed premeditated crimes in Jordan, and genocide in Palestine.” In 1997, Jordan saved the life of Hamas supremo Khaled Meshaal after Israel’s Mossad foreign intelligence service carried out a botched attempt to poison him in Amman.

“We know that the Jordanian people want to cancel the agreement, but it is not up to them,” said Mansur, a senior member of the IAF.

“According to the law, the legal committee at the lower house is now going to examine the bill before the MPs vote to approve or reject the proposal.” Jordan signed the treaty on Oct. 26, 1994, becoming only the second Arab state after Egypt to make peace with Israel.

A slim chance exists for the draft law to be passed by the Jordanian Parliament where the government enjoys a large majority, diplomats said.

But of course, if Jordan was a democracy, the people of Jordan will surely support the draft. After all, what did they benefit from such peace? Nuclear waste dumped on their soil creating the highest rate of cancer in the Middle East? Or is it the water of the Jordan River that is so polluted now, it’s not even fit for cattle!

This story should be a warning to the Apartheid State of Israel: the Arabs are slowly waking up…


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