The Christian religion is a religion of violence. The Bible promotes terrorism!

  1. Salam Rayon,

    Thank you for the visit again and your encouragement. Just tried the video and it’s working fine now.


  2. Rayon Soleil says:

    Hi Atw…

    The video is no longer available now… 😦
    desolée pour le retard…

    Keep up good work my friend….


  3. It is disturbing that there are people on WordPress who don’t (or won’t) read. If they do read at all, they read the headline. This moron, asloo1 is one such person. Had he viewed the 9 minute video, his perception would have been amazingly different. But what can one say… those with an IQ of an Ice-Cube, keep making fools of themselves. Let them!


  4. asl001 says:

    HAHAHA. You are right. The Christians have 2,000 years of violence to answer for. Then again, I don’t remember Christians flying planes into towers and killing more than 3,000 people. Wow! I sure am glad the Qu’ran is such a great book of peace. I can really tell how faithful you are by the language you used to atack my previous comment.


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