The Pot calling the Kettle… Black! NaZionists, who else!

Posted: May 6, 2008 in anti-Semitism, Civil Rights, Israel, Jerusalem, Middle East, News & Views, Palestine, Palestinians, Religion, U.S., War crimes, World News, Zionists

It is really pathetic that pro-Israelis (or Christian Zionists), especially on WordPress, have the audacity to insult and verbally attack Palestinians, be it Arab Christians and/or Arab Muslims and think that it’s quite alright to do so. They will cry “anti-Semitism” where and when it suits them but their ignorance about who a Semite is, is quite evident.. and revealing! Maybe they should go back to school and/or read. Yes, just read!



Is history repeating itself? Absolutely! Prior to the Holocaust, the attacks on Jews, verbal and physical, started the same way. And we supposedly promised: “Never Again.” Only this time, these neocons and NaZionists are having a “festive” day in finding an “enemy” they can attack and prove their.. ignorance!

Winston Churchill, as secretary of state for war in 1920, wrote an article in the Illustrated Sunday Herald claiming there were three categories of Jews – good, bad and indifferent – and arguing that they were part of a “worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development”.

Muslims are now getting
the same treatment Jews had a century ago
Today’s anti-Muslim racism
uncannily echoes earlier anti-semitism

Also interesting is the fact that some here, who claim they are Christian and/or “saved by Jesus” preach hate and/or ignorance. One “saved” female for example claimed – her own findings, I guess – that Christians in Palestine are NOT “true” Christians! Now that’s a Revelation! Or how about the one “priest” who claimed that my site is that of hate! I wonder.. if the priest even looked up my sources? Did he see that the posts are mostly (if not all) were quotes from Israeli soldiers and newspapers and activists and so on? I must admit that I laugh when these people want to deceive the rest of us through their “holier-than-thou” image. Of course my favorite is the one who did not have anything to say but claimed that he “found a terrorist” on WordPress: ATW!

Anyway, here’s an interesting email that was forwarded to me. I do not know whether or not this is real, but at least the argument seems amazingly strong especially at a time the NaZionist nation is “celebrating” 60 years of terrorizing its neighbors!  I’m posting verbatim. Links, captions and photos are added by ATW.

Dear Lucinda:

You sent us an interesting e-mail regarding the University of Kentucky and the Holocaust. When I visited Munich I went to visit the Lager of Dachau, which is located about 30 minutes from Munich. At the entrance of the Camp was an Iron gate with words that translate in English “Work makes it right”.

That Lager reminded me of my Salesian boarding school in Bogotá, Colombia. The same architecture and the same kind of cots. Being isolated from the outside word is such a sad experience. During the WW-II there were more that 22 millions Russians killed, over 20 million Germans and millions of other people, including Serbians, Gypsies, Japanese, Indians, Chinese,Jews, etc.

BUT THE ONLY HOLOCAUST THAT IS BEING PLAYED OVER AT OVER, EVEN “AD NAUSEUM” IS ABOUT THE JEWS WHO DIED IN THE NAZI CAMPS. The Israeli lobby wants us to keep thinking constantly about the past and at a certain point some of us are going to start pointing out the extermination of ARMENIANS by the Turks, (1915-1918)

where the whole Armenian Nation disappeared from the map. The Armenian Americans want to have the US Congress call this annihilation of their people a HOLOCAUST, but the powerful Israeli Lobby in Washington has opposed time after time this act of the US Congress. The Jewish Holocaust monuments I have visited, such as in Miami Beach, and in Los Angeles call for RACE TOLERANCE, but it seems that “race tolerance” has only to be applied to the Jews as a RACE and not to other kind of people.

David Stannard, for instance, states that just as Jews who died of disease and starvation in the ghettos are counted among the victims of the Holocaust, Indians who died of introduced diseases “were as much the victims of the Euro-American genocidal war as were those burned or stabbed or hacked or shot to death, or devoured by hungry dogs.” As an example of actual genocidal conditions, Stannard points to Franciscan missions in California as “furnaces of death.”

When we hear about the extermination of the American Indians, we never call it HOLOCAUST, neither the slavery of the African People-many of them trying to escape their Europeans hunters, or because they were too old or too young, were exterminated in their African land; nor do we call Holocaust the bombing of Hiroshima, or the extermination of the Aborigines in Australia. We are in a society that need more humanity and less insistence that ONLY HOLOCAUST IN HISTORY, IS THAT OF THE JEWS IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR.

I am a Biochemist and the Human Genome has been discovered to contain 25,000 genes. We humans are ONLY A SINGLE FAMILY, and to cause DIVISIVENESS, such as the depriving of the Palestinian people of their Homeland , which is also a Holocaust is as inhuman as the treatment of ALL THE PRISONERS (not only Jews) in the Nazi lagers. Actually, Jews were also murdered even during peace time in the US for instance the hanging of the martyrs at the May 1st 1886 Haymarket massacre in Chicago, or the Rosenberg couple (Julius and Ethel) electrocuted in 1953 in the US.

War is totally Chaos and bringing it back again and again (remember The Alamo, remember Pearl Harbor, etc.) is only a political TRICK inspired by lobby groups that want to transform us into puppets for a particular VESTED AGENDA. I hope one day MANKIND be united as only one family and Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Atheists and others could be together and become a SINGLE HUMAN FAMILY. Divisiveness may work for a while: we can fool some people some of the times but we CAN NOT FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME.

Kind regards,

name withheld


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