Seeing they see not…

Posted: May 10, 2008 in Amusing, anti-Semitism, Israel, Middle East, News & Views, Palestinians, Religion, World News, Zionists

I’m sure many are baffled by the ignorance, hatred and aggressiveness of many – here, on WordPress and elsewhere! We know that History repeats itself and it seems we say this as justification for our hatred and racism and ignorance.

Some blindly believe in what they believe and refuse the facts staring at them in the eye! Some refuse the facts because they happen to conform to a group of, let’s call them neocons. These people will stand by the opinion even when the subject matter itself denies their claims. They’re blind…

And The Bible also addresses both:

“… seeing they see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.” (Matthew 13:13)

Likewise there are those who maybe Christian-Zionists. I don’t know how they can justify the killing of innocent men, women and children as “God’s Will” and or that it is “so decreed.” Then they use the Bible to quote that it was God’s promise and it’s being fulfilled. What? Yes, they say that the Bible is God’s word and everyone else is a pagan! Funny, the jews themselves call non-Jews pagans (Gentiles) and the Christian Zionists smile and say.. “yeah baby..” and.. “proudly!”

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