Israeli Nazis (what else can one call these thugs?)

Posted: June 14, 2008 in Israel, Middle East, Palestine, Palestinians, War crimes, World News, Zionists

First posted by Poet Warrior

These are the actions of the “ONLY DEMOCRACY” in the Middle East!

Footage from a video camera handed out by an Israeli human rights group appears to show Jewish settlers beating up Palestinians in the West Bank.

An elderly shepherd, his wife and a nephew said they were attacked by four masked men for allowing their animals to graze near the settlement of Susia.

The rights group, B’Tselem, said the cameras were provided to enable Palestinians to get proof of attacks.

A spokesman for the Israeli police said that an investigation was under way.

So far, no-one has been arrested.

Baseball bats

For the past year, B’Tselem has handed out video cameras to Palestinians as part of its “Shooting Back” project.

The BBC has been given exclusive access to the footage of this particular attack, which happened earlier this week. The date and time on the camera footage shows that it is Sunday afternoon.

Over the brow of the hill walk four masked men holding baseball bats. To the right of the screen, in the foreground, stands a 58-year-old Palestinian woman.

Thamam al-Nawaja has been herding her goats close to the Jewish settlement of Susia, near Hebron in the southern West Bank.

Within a few seconds, she, along with her 70-year-old husband and one of her nephews, will be beaten up.

As the first blows land, the woman filming – the daughter-in-law of the elderly couple – drops the camera and runs for help.

‘Ten-minute warning’

Mrs Nawaja spent three days in hospital after the attack.

Returning to the small Palestinian encampment close to the red-roofed houses of Susia, she stepped slowly and unsteadily out of the minibus.

Thamam al-Nawaja returns to her village following the attack
They don’t want us to stay on our land, but we won’t leave – we’ll die here
Thamam al-Nawaja

A dark stain showed through the white gauze covering her broken right arm. Her veil was lifted gingerly away from her lined face. A bloodshot eye and intersection of scars revealed a fractured left cheek.

“The settlers gave us a 10-minute warning to clear off from the land,” she told me, her voice a tired, cracked whisper.

She and her husband had stood their ground. It is at this point that her voice grows louder.

“They don’t want us to stay on our land. But we won’t leave. We’ll die here. It’s ours,” she added.

Indeed, the rest of the world regards Jewish settlements in the West Bank such as Susia, as illegal, built on occupied territory.

Those settlements have been a large part of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis for the last 41 years. The daily confrontation is not often caught on camera. That, now, is beginning to change.


  1. Mazin says:

    Her’s an article related to the disturbing parallels between Warsaw Ghetto and Gaza

    For those who think that the comparison of Israel to Nazi Germany is unjustified then let’s see what moral and civilized Jews have to say about the comparison of Nazi policy to that of Israel’s. First, Albert Einstein and Hannah Arendt said, “Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our time is the emergence in Israel of the Freedom Party (Herut), a political party closely akin in its organization, method, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties.”

    Incidentally, Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir were not only members of that fascist party, but became prime ministers of Israel as well.

    Next, Martin Buber warned Prime Minister Ben Gurion thus, “When we returned to Palestine… the majority of Jewish people preferred to learn from Hitler.”

    Then, Dr. Israel Shahak, a survivor of the Bergen Belsen concentration camp said, “Hitler’s legal power was based upon the ‘Enabling Act’ which was passed quite legally by the Reichstag and which allowed the Fuehrer and his representatives to be what they wanted, or in legal language, to issue regulations having the force of law.

    Exactly the same type of act was passed by the Knesset after the 1967 conquest granting the Israeli governor and his representatives the power of Hitler, which they use in Hitlerian manner.”

    If anyone thinks that it would be impossible for any Jew to make common cause with the Nazis, consider the following: The “Lehi Group” was a self-described terrorist organization fighting to evict the British rather than support them in World War II. It later became known as the Stern Gang after its founder Avraham Stern. Stern made contact with the Nazis proposing an alliance with Germany in exchange for a Jewish state in Palestine! That’s similar to Ariel Sharon making common cause with the Nazi-trained commander of the Christian Phalange in Lebanon just prior to the Sabra and Shatila massacre. At this point I leave it to the reader to decide whether Israel is a Jewish or a Nazi state.


  2. poetwarrior says:

    Thanks, brother, for putting this latest atrocity in historical perspective. Think how many Israeli massacres weren’t captured on film! I am willing to bet that when Palestine is free, and a Truth Commission established, we’ll learn about tens of thousands of “desaparecidos” in Palestine, just like in fascist Argentina, Chile, apartheid South Africa (all good friends of the Israelis).

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