I bring change…

Posted: July 15, 2008 in Israel, Middle East, Politics, U.S., World News


  1. Mark,

    Likewise, thank you for your visit. I believe your comment is in response to my statement on your blog and how I reached such a “point-of-view?”

    If so, I tried to post a reply on your site but I guess I have too many links… Let’s try here:

    First and foremost one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. Just because the US and Britain and some allies call Hezbollah a “terrorist” organization, does not make it one. And if Hezbollah IS a terrorist organization, then Israel is equally so. Why?

    I can base this on many articles that were published by international media, Israeli writers and historians and even Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper. From discrimination and racism to targeting and killing children and ethnic cleansing, from attempts to rewrite history and facts (as was the blatant attempt to change Wikipedia) to Israeli leadership quotes and admittance that their actions were simply to erase the ethnic Palestinians.

    Haaretz May 23, 2004:

    “At the end of the day, they’ll kick us out of the United Nations, try those responsible in the international court in The Hague, and no one will want to speak with us.”

    Israeli justice Minister Yosef Lapid.

    Now all of these posts are on my blog and I have included the links above. Here are some more:

    Who’s lying?
    Children of Hatred
    Completely immoral
    Using Cluster bombs against civilians

    I welcome your feedback once you’ve at least reviewed some of these links.


  2. Mark says:

    Cute. You’re right; Osama Obama will agree to absolutely anything and everything.

    Thanks for visiting Liberty Just in Case. We couldn’t disagree with you more re; Israel. But our blog really is about dialogue in a September 12th world. You’re point of view fascinates me, and I can’t help wondering how you came to it?

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