If yours can be called “heroes,” so can theirs..

Posted: July 15, 2008 in Civil Rights, Ethnic Cleansing, Israel, Jerusalem, Middle East, News & Views, Palestine, Palestinians, War crimes, World News, Zionists

Talk about propaganda: how the Nazi State of Israel twists the facts to serve its purpose!

“Controversial prisoner swap with Hezbollah for a notorious convicted child murderer, who is to receive a hero’s welcome” it’s called.

So Samir Kuntar is so violent that the word terrorist is too good for him but Israel’s subjection of Palestinian children to killing, torture and dislocation is NOT flagrant or touches every aspect of their lives? Its blatant violation of the 1989 Child Rights Convention and the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention has raised the concerns of local researchers, academics, and governmental and non-governmental institutions, especially in the area of mental health. Add to that the deliberate shooting of children in the head… is this a “merciful” and “humane” act? Give us a break NaZionists!

Israeli murdering and/or killing and torturing Palestinian and/or Lebanese children is the ultimate arrogance!

“Almost every day here the Israelis shoot at random, so when you hear it you get inside as quickly as possible,” says Mrs Selmi. “Haneen went to the grocery store to buy some crisps. When the shooting started, I came out to find her. She was coming down the street and ran to me and hugged me, crying, ‘Mother, mother’. Two bullets hit her in the head, one straight after the other. She was still in my arms and she died.” Source

The IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) deserve to be humiliated.. and that they were..  humiliated at the hands of the few, the proud, the Hizbollah!

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