Calling Israeli supporters

Posted: July 21, 2008 in Israel, Middle East, Palestinians, War crimes, World News, Zionists

Here’s the undeniable truth! Terrorism and barbarism caught on video…

These are the actions of the “only democracy” in the Middle East! These are the new Nazis of the 21st Century.

The video clip shows a soldier aim his weapon at the demonstrator’s legs from about 1.5 meters away and then fire a rubber bullet at him. Abu-Rahma said the bullet hit his left toe and that he received treatment from an army medic and was then released by the soldiers.

The shooting took place in the presence of a lieutenant colonel, who is seen holding Abu Rahma’s arm when the shot is fired.

A fourteen-year-old Palestinian girl from Nil¹in filmed the incident from her house in the village, and B’Tselem received it this morning and immediately forwarded a copy to the Military Police Investigation Unit, with a demand that an immediate investigation be launched into the incident.

In response, the IDF Spokesperson’s Office released a statement calling the incident “grave” and saying that it was in “direct contradiction with IDF values and principles.”

What “Values and Principles?” Hitler’s? The Gestapo?

Are all the videos of similar incidents also a contradiction? See some under the “page” FACTS ABOUT ISRAEL.

And they call Palestinians terrorists!

Whether it’s the colonialists (the thugs labeled as settlers) or the Israeli government itself and its gangs of murderers and terrorists, the violence in the Middle East only started, when these thugs, terrorists, Nazis and anti-humanity groups formed what is now called Israel!



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