Liberation of Iraq: how we spread democracy!

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Iraq, Middle East, U.S., War crimes, World News

I am an American myself, but I live in Europe, and I am sick and tired of watching our nation go down the tubes! Our country has been hi-jacked by Greedy Warmongers, who don’t give a damn about the people!

Also, there is still this “John Wayne” mentality within our Military, and it’s not doing our image any good at all!

We shouldn’t be in Iraq, and our troops shouldn’t be giving up their lives for People like Bush and Cheney, who have both dodged the draft!

This is the disaster of the 21st century, and it will escalate! I can watch documentaries on TV that you wouldn’t be allowed to see back home, and I can tell you now, you are not getting the truth!

This was not “Operation Free Iraq”
This was “Operation Sledge Hammer!”

I hope the guilty are brought to justice!

But I doubt it!


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