Palestinians on the Iraqi borders: How did this story start?

By Iqbal Tamimi • Aug 1st, 2008

The methods used by the Zionists to drive Palestinians out of their country 1948, including claiming they had a Nuclear bomb like the one dropped on Hiroshima.

The story starts almost here…..

The Zionist Haganah gangs worked on expulsion of the Palestinians from their homeland in 1948, supported by the British mandate then, through the Balfour Declaration which gave away Palestine to the Zionists on a gold platter, besides using various other mechanisms to terrorize the Palestinians to force them to evacuate their properties and lands.

They exercised terrorism against Palestinian towns and villages, committing many massacres against its inhabitants. As well as spreading false news and rumors among the people of Palestinian cities and villages to terrorize and intimidate them. Forcing them to leave their homes, and never to think of returning back – ever.

For example the newly arrived Jewish in Palestine has sent a message to the people of the Palestinian city of Safad saying that they have a Jewish atomic bomb exactly like the one dropped on Hiroshima, and they are intending to use it on them. One can imagine the impact of such rumours on the people of the city.

In addition to that, the blockade policy pursued like the siege of Tiberius from the 3rd to the 16th of April 1948 aiming to isolate its people from the rest of the Palestinians. This policy has been followed in cities like Safad, Acco, Bissan and other Palestinian cities, where Jews were bombing cities, then throwing leaflets on the cities advising the population to leave the city, and otherwise their fate will be similar to that of those who died in massacres like Deir Yassin and other massacres. They knew of and were terrified of the direct killing of Palestinian citizens, like what happened in the villages of “Ein Alziytoon”, “Alsifsaf” and “Saforyeh”.

These methods used by the Zionists against the Palestinians were to force them to leave their homes. The Palestinians were taken by surprise by these attacks, they did not know how to handle them, or what to do.

This prompted the rest of the villages’ inhabitants of Ain Elzaitoun like “Aljaooneh” and “Titaba” to flee their homes fearing similar attacks. Especially common was that the Jews used to gather Palestinians of villages and shoot at them. Some were killed others were lucky to escape fearing they would meet the same fate.

In addition to direct evictions of the Palestinians from their villages and towns, the Zionists continued shelling villages like ‘Altabgah’ and Alsamakieyeh’ forcing the people to leave, then they burned the villages to the ground so no one will even be able to return. The Palestinians were forced to head towards the Syrian borders.

The Zionist movement was able to extend its authority and establish its existence on more than 70% of Palestine. This has been done by the complicity of the British Mandate by political actions, and administrative and arbitrary laws.

Expelling the Palestinians by the Jews was essential from the Zionist perspective to establish the Zionist entity for two main reasons: The first is demographic, and the second is to own the land.

And the story continues…

Iqbal Tamimi
is a Palestinian journalist and poet from Hebron. She is currently the Press Freedom Desk Officer at Exiled Journalists’ Network in the UK. She is also the creator of a vibrant and important activists’ network Palestinian Mothers, open to all who share the vision of peace and justice, men and women alike.


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