Duty free bag more important than child

Posted: August 4, 2008 in Israel, Middle East, World News

JERUSALEM – An Israeli couple going on a European vacation remembered to take their duty-free shopping and their 18 suitcases, but forgot their 3-year-old daughter at the airport, police said Monday.

The couple and their five children were late for a charter flight to Paris Sunday and made a mad dash to the gate. In the confusion, their daughter got lost.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said a policeman found her wandering in the duty-free area at Ben-Gurion airport, Israel’s bustling main international air portal. He said the officer alerted airline staff, but the flight had already taken off.

Israeli media said the parents were an ultra-Orthodox Jewish couple but did not give their names.

Rosenfeld said the parents were unaware they had boarded the aircraft with only four children instead of five until they were informed by cabin staff after 40 minutes in the air.

The child, accompanied by an airline staffer, took the next flight to Paris where she was safely reunited with her parents.

Rosenfeld said police would question the couple when they return from vacation, on suspicion of parental negligence.


  1. migdalit says:

    Hi Edmund,

    don’t worry I do so. There’s a vast difference between a “Bad Jihadi Martyr ‘Arab'” (TM) and the regular person next door or next village who happens to be Arab and/or Muslim too.


    Information itself is no propaganda but the way you stretch certain facts or simply don’t give them is. Yet the way information is passed on has always been like that. It even is in our brain, we just can’t help it. It’s important to keep that in mind all the time. So on that point I strongly agree with you.



  2. Edmund says:

    People make general claims about all arabs over the acts of the few and far between. Surely you lecture those members of society as well Migdalit.

  3. Migdalit,

    You have to stop reading between the lines.. there’s really nothing there but white space. 🙂

    Read the post again and then see how ridiculous your comment is.

    Interesting though that you call my posts anti-Israel propaganda. I guess the Israelis themselves, like Illan Pappe, Haaretz and many Israeli sources are “spreading such propaganda,” right?


  4. migdalit says:

    Of course this incident could have happened all over the world (“First” as well as “Second” or “Third”) and perhaps happens quite a lot but if it happens in Israel it’s subject of judging a whole country!?

    I guess stretching a point as far as that (IMHO it is of course okay to post that news but turning it into a proove for Israeli’ parents’ general attitude towards children goes way too far) is a reason why writers like you, ATW, in spite of having a couple of good points and questions towards the behaviour of Israel are in general regarded as hardliners who turn every possible story into a anti-Israel-propaganda. That way you’ll have a hard time reaching out to a bigger readership and of course you’ll dismantle the possibility of exchange with people who don’t consider Israel beeing the Big Bad Evil (TM) a force of nature.


  5. Ah.. let’s not forget that these “organized” parents are accused by the Israeli police themselves of negligence.

    Rosenfeld said police would question the couple when they return from vacation, on suspicion of parental negligence.

    Your sick mind traveled too far. Is it because you have an inferiority complex?


  6. […] on the parents, leaving out the sections which would give the reader some perspective. Compare ATW’s version with the API version, and it is […]

  7. Edmund says:

    quite the list of priorities they must have

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