Georgian Jews forced to move?

Posted: August 15, 2008 in Israel, Middle East, Politics, War crimes, World News, Zionists

Could the 12,000 Jews in war-ridden Georgia be forced to move to Israel? Why now?

Simple! This was an Israeli “conspiracy.” Israel’s role in this war has been proven. This is the same fiasco the Mossad committed in Arab countries where Jews lived happily and refused to leave to Israel. The Mossad bombed their temples, killing their own then blamed the Arabs and suddenly there was a mass exodus of Jews to Israel.

Now we see these 12,000 Jews wanting to leave. Afraid of the Russians – or so they were taught. I wonder where Israel will place these poor immigrants? The Negev desert?

The crisis in Georgia has brought the roses back to the cheeks of senior officials at the Jewish Agency, Nativ (the Liaison Bureau) and the Joint Distribution Committee. In recent years, many people both in the Israeli establishment and abroad have been mulling these organizations’ role and whether they even have a right to exist. But suddenly, Georgia’s 12,000 Jews – the remnant of a splendid community, most of which has been in Israel for many years already – have become a coveted target. Emissaries have set out from Israel and from locations throughout the former Soviet Union to reinforce the small delegation in Tbilisi. Search teams have been set up, situation rooms have been opened, and some people are already preparing daring rescue plans.

Meanwhile, however, apart from a few hundred who lost their homes in the fighting and no longer have anywhere to go back to, the Jews prefer to remain where they are.



Georgian minister: Israel has sold us out – Haaretz

  1. migdalit,

    I’m trying to understand your comment but maybe it’s not your English! May be it’s me! 😉

    However I get the impression from your last sentence that you would like me to educate you a bit and offer more specific information. Well, if you have bothered to read my posts, or the 20 or so posts about the Geoargian-Russian war on WordPress, you would have learned something.

    I can bring the jackass to water but I can’t make the jackass drink… 🙂


  2. migdalit says:

    Hey ATW,

    hasn’t stroken me yet that Israel / the Mossad could have played a role in the current Balkan crisis / war. Interesting idea but where do you take it from? ‘d be great if you could be a little more specific 🙂

    thanks a lot


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