Ethnic Cleansing camouflaged in “security”

Posted: August 24, 2008 in Israel, Middle East, News & Views, Palestinians, War crimes, World News, Zionists

Nazism, Apartheid and terrorism…

One thing is for certain. Israelis learned very well from Hitler. Actually they surpassed his techniques

  1. poetwarrior says:

    The Down with Israel Syndrome

    By Judea Pearl
    Each year, in preparation for Israel’s birthday, American newspaper editors feel an urge to invite Arab writers to tell us why Israel should not exist. Typical this year were the Los Angeles Times (Opinion, May 12 “Forget the two-state solution”, by Saree Makdisi) and the Christian Science Monitor (Ghada Karmi “A One-state Solution for Palestinians and Israelis”, May 30, 2008), where the elimination of Israel were advanced under the usual euphemism of a “one-state solution.”

    I presume this exercise gives editors some satisfaction, of the kind one would get in inviting officials of the Flat Earth Society to tell us why the earth should not be round, and do so precisely on Earth Day, lest the wisdom would escape anyone’s attention.

    Undoubtedly, the banalization of absurdity has its kicks. It is sporty, admirably “out-of-the-box-ish” and, if only it did not involve a dangerous experiment with the lives of millions of human beings, could be considered mighty cute.

    But this practice is adult matter, and the result is a depressing Kafkaesque choreography, in which Israel is put on trial for its very existence, while less radical commentators, if they are invited, deal with Israel’s future, difficulties and achievements, but leave the accusations unanswered.

    There is some wisdom to ignoring insults and unfounded accusations. By answering one tacitly bestows credence, however minimal, upon the arguments that put you on the accused bench — the last bench that a birthday celebration deserves.

    So, perhaps it is wise to write chapter and verse about Israel’s achievements (as Bill Kristol did May 12, and Tom Friedman did June and let the “colonial” and “apartheid” accusations hang there, unanswered, as living testimonies of the Orwellian mentality of the accusers?

    I am not totally convinced.

    I am concerned about the possibility that a non-negligible percentage of American readers, especially the novice and the hasty, would interpret the publication of opinion articles calling for the dismantling of Israel as evidence that the arguments and conclusions presented are deemed worthy of consideration in the eyes of editors whose judgment the public has entrusted to protect us from Flat-Earth type deformities.

    This concern becomes especially acute when news reporters too begin touting the “one-state” slogans, with unmistaken sympathy, under the cover of “World News.”
    (e.g., Richard Boudreaux and Ashraf Khalil “For some Palestinians, one state with Israel is better than none,” LA Times, World News, May 8 )

    I am concerned because evil plans begin with evil images. Once the mind is jolted to envision deviant imagery it automatically consructs a belief structure that supports its feasibility and desirability. The first phase of Hitler’s strategy was to get people to envision, just envision, a world without Jews — the rest is history.

    Today we are witnessing a concerted effort by enemies of co-existence to get people to envision, just envision, a world without Israel – the rest, they hope, will become history.

    The American press seems to fall for it

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